Nebraska Lotto Player Misses Out on $1,000

By Ben Hamill - November 09 2018

Nebraska Lotto Player Misses Out on $1,000

Over in Nebraska, US, when Friend resident Chris Wood purchased a lottery ticket and discovered that he had won a cool $1,000, he immediately tried to claim his prize at his local retailer. Unfortunately for him, however, there was actually no prize to be claimed.

The Nebraska Lottery was forced to recall thousands of tickets for the Holiday Bonus Bucks – the ticket that Wood had purchased – after the unpleasant incident, due to printing errors that occurred late in September.

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Mere $5 Reimbursement Offered

When Wood approached the Lincoln Lottery offices near to his chosen retailer to claim his winnings, the local state lotto company said that they could only give him $5 as a reimbursement for his original ticket. According to Nebraskan regulations, the lotto division cannot be held liable for any invalid tickets that are caused by erroneous printing or any other manufacturing defects.

Later, after approaching the organization’s offices, Wood received a letter in the mail from Brian Rockey, the director of the Nebraska Lottery. It was the second such letter that he had received. The letter provided Wood with an update, mentioning the organization’s efforts to correct the misprint and its communications with its ticket printer in order to find a solution to the issue.

During a phone call with local news agency Crete News, Rockey noted that his team had a conference call with the representative of the printing company a few weeks prior, then another a week later. Two more were also scheduled during the week of this correspondence.

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Woods Still Trying to Claim Prize

According to the director, the problem is ‘not as straightforward’ as a simple agreement between two parties. He added that they have been cooperative throughout the process, although themselves and his own company have different positions on the situation.

International Game Technology (also known as IGT), a firm based outside of Providence, Rhode Island, was reportedly contracted by the lottery operator to print the offending Holiday Bonus Bucks tickets. A representative from the popular casino and lotto tech supplier has noted that the Nebraska operator is handling all questions associated with the situation, and gave no further details.

In the meantime, more than a month after the debacle took place, Woods is still trying to collect his $1,000 in winnings. He has also firmly stated that he is not planning on giving up on what he feels is his rightful prize money any time soon.

In his words, he has had a priest tell him that he has the ‘tenacity of a pitbull’, as once he latches onto something he doesn’t let go. As for whether or not his current endeavor will be successful remains to be seen…