mkodo Confirms Associated WLA Membership

By Ben Hamill - June 04 2019

mkodo Confirms Associated WLA Membership

Apps and digital user experience supplier mkodo is living proof that hard work and commitment towards the industry of one’s trade always pays off in the end. The company recently announced that it was proud to confirm its having been appointed as associate member of the World Lottery Association (WLA).

The WLA currently has 148 Lottery members and 73 associate members. The WLA strives to uphold the highest standards in and ethical principles in Lottery games all over the world. It’s a body and organisation that ensures that players have full confidence and the fair nature of Lottery games. mkodo has said that it is proud to have been tasked with upholding the ethics of the WLA and that it plans to do the association’s members proud.

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10 Years Of Service

The WLA recently hosted a members’ meeting in Naples in Italy, and it was at this particular meeting that mkodo’s membership was rubber-stamped into being. With that having been said, mkodo is a company as deserving of membership as any other experienced contributor. They have been providing digital solutions to national lotteries around the world for going on 10 years and has been doing so with integrity and whilst upholding on the highest standards of ethics.

CEO and co-founder Stuart Godfree commented on mkodo’s new membership and said that the company was absolutely delighted at having been recognised as a top and trusted service provider to the “global lottery sector”. Godfree said that the entire team looked very much forward to being able to provide many years of knowledge and experience to the global Lottery industry. Upholding the best practices and standards, said Godfree, would always remain a top priority and even a matter of pride to mkodo.

 A Deserving Member-Trio

But mkodo isn’t the only recent new addition to the list of new WLA members. The organisation recently hosted a members’ meeting during which two additional new members were confirmed and inaugurated. These are Nirvana and GreatGate Lottery Technology.

Nirvana are celebrated developers of lottery and gaming solutions, and GreatGate Lottery Technology is well-known for its hands-on research as well as for the development of stunning new Lottery games and products.

All three new additions in terms of WLA membership are celebrated as being absolutely deserving of inclusion.

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