Michigan Lottery Continues Record Spree

By Ben Hamill - April 08 2019

Michigan Makes Instant Win Lottery Magic

The Michigan Lottery has been focused on providing aid to public schools ever since it was first established back in 1972. This may seem like just another statistic, but when that statement is put into actual numbers, it makes a world’s worth of difference. Since 1972, Michigan Lottery has donated in excess of $22 billion to the public schooling system. And, says the board, much of that was made possible by instant-win games.

2018 marked a record year for the Michigan Lottery, and as a result it was able to channel $941.3 million towards its cause of choice, a contribution that according to instant win games provider Pollard Banknote Limited, is almost unheard of. Pollard recently made a public announcement in order to congratulate the Lottery on its landslide success and its absolute commitment to improve the lives of those passing through the country’s public education system.

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Instant Win Tickets

Much of Michigan’s success, said Pollard, can be put down to the fact that its constantly looking for new and better ways of creating a more enjoyable and interesting playing experience for its customers. Last year, record sales to the tune of $3.6 billion were achieved and much of this has been thanks to a marked increase in instant win tickets. For 2018 alone, instant win sales were up by an incredible 12.6%.

Again, even more significant when put into proper perspective; the Michigan Lottery was the only state Lottery in all of the US to have achieved double-digit annual sales on a consecutive basis when taking into account the past 5 years.

The really remarkable bit is that 2019 is quickly shaping up to become yet another record-smashing year, with instant win sales already up by another 15% when comparing current sales to sales during the same period for last year.

New Games Keep It Fresh

According to Pollard Banknote, the Lottery’s success with instant win ticket sales can be put down to its constant quest to keep its players entertained and to ensure that there’s constantly something new and even more rewarding to look forward to.

Pollard too, has been very involved with sales strategy and has been providing strategic and retail know-how to its operations department. Many exciting instant-win products have been developed over the years. Some of the highlights are its patented Scratch FX® concept and also its Winning Combinations™ tickets.

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