Man Can’t Believe His Luck With Lotto Win

By Ben Hamill - August 17 2022

Winning numbers on lottery balls

A Canadian man from Saskatchewan this week told the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) that he had checked his winning Lottery ticket eight times before he believed that he had won.

Bradly Collins, a resident of Regina, won a cool $100,000 on the EXTRA game added to his ticket purchased for the 13 July WESTERN 6/49 draw. He had bought his winning ticket from the Giant Tiger Store located at 2610 Victoria Avenue East, Regina.

Collins said he had checked his winning ticket on the WCLC’s website when he realised that he had six of the seven winning numbers correct. He said he had checked his ticket using the Lotto Spot! App and that he had done so eight times before even daring to believe his luck.

He said he told his dad first, and that he too, could hardly believe his son’s great fortune.

When asked how he planned on spending his massive windfall, Collins said he would use some of the money to pay off his debt, and that winning had been a great relief to him.

Lottery Money For Retirement

Elsewhere, a lucky woman from West Kelowna can now make ready for retirement after winning a massive Lottery Jackpot from a subscription she had set up online.

British Columbian resident Jennifer Cole told the BCLC how setting up a lottery subscription on the provider’s website in May this year had been the best decision ever made.

From the July 8 draw, Cole won life-altering $31 million by playing Lotto Max only months after first subscribing to the service.

According to the lucky winner, she had heard that a major Jackpot had been won on This had prompted her to log on to her account, only to discover that he had just won the biggest Lottery prize ever awarded from a ticket purchased via

Money To Travel The World  

Cole said that her family had initially assumed her win to be a smaller amount, but that when they woke up, she told them that she had won a massive prize.

Cole plans to take some time out to decide what to do with her massive win. She said travelling the world is already on the cards.

Big Win In Nova Scotia

Another big-prize winner, Sherry McNeil, who resides in Weymouth, Nova Scotia, recently checked her account, and discovered that she had bagged the Daily Grand second prize of $500,000 in the draw of July 21st.

McNeil told the press her winning numbers were all hand-picked, and that these had special meaning to her.