Two Manitoba Residents Now CA$1M Richer

By Ben Hamill - March 09 2022

Two Manitoba Residents Now CA1M Richer

Manitoba residents have been luckier than usual lately. At least, this pair has, having both managed to walk away with CA$1 million in their pockets. Jim Konowalchuk and Conrad Hykawy both managed to hit a million dollar lottery payout, and both also happen to reside in Manitoba. Jim grabbed his million through the Lotto 6/49 draw on February 16th, while Conrad got his on February 18th from Western Max. Regardless of which lottery made them millionaires, both are going to have very different lives from this point onwards.

Jim recalls that he got his ticket at the Norman Park Cat Wash, but still couldn’t believe what he was seeing when he realised he was a winner. He explains that he immediately ran upstairs to wake up his wife, shouting at her that they had managed to win the lottery.

Helping Out The Family

A rude way to be woken up, but chances are she didn’t mind much. Jim continued by explaining that he and his wife will take some time to decide how to spend the money. He added that at the time of the win he and his wife were considering selling their house and getting a condo. He concluded simply that his money woes are now truly over, with plenty left over to help out his children.

Conrad has an equally as interesting story. He recalls that he got his ticket at Northway Gas and Convenience on a trip. After winning, he stayed silent about it for a few days. When asked why he stayed, he laughingly elaborated that it was because he was unsure about the number of zeroes. His thoughts were that the amount was perhaps $100,000, though didn’t want friends and family to get excited for no reason.

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You Better Sit Down

When he did finally call the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, he made sure to sit down, just in case he was in for a shock. It turns out that sitting was a good idea, because, of course, he was informed that the zeroes were more than he imagined.

Conrad added that he was plans for the money, though isn’t jumping into anything just yet. He explained that he has always dreamed of travelling to Cuba but is comfortable waiting until the world health crisis is officially over. In the meantime, however, he is going to buy a new trick.

For both Manitoba residents’ luck has finally come knocking. Who knows which Canadian will be next?