Lottoland Limited Creates Separate B2B Leg

By Ben Hamill - November 29 2019

Leading online Lottery games provider Lottoland Limited has announced that it has officially rebranded its business-to-business division as a separate industry entity. Alot Solutions Limited will going forward be managed by its own team of specialist business managers and will focus exclusively on offering top-tier Lottery products to businesses all over the world.

Lottoland owns some 30 top-class Lottery games. These will according to the official press release remain lodged and managed under the auspices of the initial Lottoland business entity. The variety of services on offer to outside operators will however transition to the new banner. Alot Solutions will not only be the point of contact for the provision of games to external customers, but also a complete technology solutions and even cover for prize money up to a limit of $220 million.

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Growth Necessitated The Split

Newly-established Alot Solutions Limited CEO Mike Carruthers issued the press release detailing the reasoning behind the establishment of a separate business identity and said that Lottoland Limited; brand owner of leading Lottery games like the US Powerball and MegaMillions; has now grown and expanded to the point of two separate entities each in charge of its own division and scope of responsibilities being a necessary change to the internal corporate structure.

This is of course good news for the parent entity as it indicates not only superb but also consistent growth. By establishing a separate business identity, Lottoland Limited will have increased its corporate value as well as its overall efficiency. The entity is now at the point of expansion that will draw a new wave of focus to its overall performance and remaining at the top of its own game is at this stage quite crucial within the context of future success and ongoing growth.

Alot To Be Go-To Lotto Supplier

The bottom-line, said Carruthers, is the goal of transforming Alot Solutions Limited into the “go-to” supplier when talking online Lotto games and support services relied on by global online operators. Its scope of business will be sizeable in own measure, even once separated in identity from co-division Lottoland.

Alot will offer to operators a full spectrum of Lottery solutions, not to mention the more than 150 top-class bespoke games that are currently available in its entertainment content folio. The future does indeed beckon and look bright for the Lottoland brand and with the right kind of support from Alot Solutions on the business-to-business end of things, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be.

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