New Yorker Wins 2nd US$10 Million Lotto Jackpot

By Ben Hamill - March 04 2022

New Yorker Wins 2nd US$10 Million Lotto JackpotThe chances of winning a single lottery jackpot are very slim. So, what are the chances of winning two jackpots in three years? Probably so slim as to be virtually impossible. But be that as it may, this lucky New Yorker has done exactly that. Juan Hernandez made headlines a few years ago for managing to grab a US$10 million lottery jackpot. Now, against the expectations of everyone that can do maths, he has done it again.

The New York lottery organisation, Empire State, confirmed that the crazy story is indeed true. Hernandez played the $10,000,000 Deluxe recently, paying US$30 for the ticket. As the name of the lottery game makes clear, the grand prize is a cool US10 million. He walked away with the money, smiling from ear to ear.

Lightning Strikes Twice

However, he managed the exact same feat a few years ago. In 2019 he played the US$350,000,000 Cash Spectacular. The massive win didn’t grab him $350 million, but the same amount as he has just won again; $10 million. It almost seems as if the fates have a special place in their heart for the man, delivering the same amount on 2 separate occasions.

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Naturally Hernandez couldn’t believe his luck, saying that he hasn’t even managed to spend the first payout. Even still, he was clearly buying tickets again, which means that he must have suspect that the lucky angels weren’t done with him just yet.

His latest winning ticket was purchased at the Stop and Shop in Hempstead. Chances are that the store will be seeing an uptick in business, given that some New Yorkers might believe that luck angels are bound to certain locations.

Big Revenue Generation

Lottery players certainly strike it big from time to time, but the organisation itself is raking it in even more money. According to New York Lottery, the income generated by scratch cards is nothing short of flabbergasting. For the fiscal year between 2020 and 2021, the amount generated sat at an absurd US$4 billion. Of this amount around US$176 million was donated to the Nassau County education fund, leaving a pretty substantial amount left over.

Looking at New York as a whole, the amount that New York Lottery has given to education is over US3.5 billion in total. Which just goes to show, as lucky as Hernandez is, it is the education system that it the real winner.