Lotto Thieves Get Prison Time

By Ben Hamill - March 03 2019

Lotto Thieves Get Prison Time

Why play the Lotto when you can just steal a winning ticket from an unsuspecting victim instead? Because you’ll get caught and sent to prison, that’s why! And if this seems like a fantastic idea for a plot to you, think again, because it actually happened at a convenience store in Toronto. Convenience store worker Jun-Chul Chung (68) and daughter Kathleen Chung (36) will be spending seven and four years (respectively) in prison after it transpired that they had stolen a winning Lottery ticket at the convenience store owned by Chung’s son, Kenneth Chung.

Kenneth Chung too, ended up knee-deep in the twang and received a 10-month prison sentence. The rightful owner of the winning ticket eventually received his payout in 2011, and at the time said that regardless of what had happened, the only thing that mattered to him was that he had received his winnings.

Daniel Campbell had after all won a fantastic CAD$12.5 million!

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Greed The Root Of All Evil

But why did Chung and his daughter want the money so desperately that they had stooped to such dubious means? Upon further investigation by the Court, it appeared to have been a case of simple greed. The Chung family had proceeded to purchase mansions and luxury cars with the ill-begotten funds.

After the assets had been seized and sold off to recover the funds, the Chungs were CAD$4.6 million short on what they had to pay back to Campbell, what with the liquidation of the assets having raised only CAD$8 million in total.

They Took What Wasn’t Theirs To Take

It all started when Campell had in 2003 acquired the ticket from the Variety Plus convenience store in Burlington Ontario, after a ticket that he had purchased previously had awarded him 5 free-play tickets. Old man Chung had at the time been in charge of issuing the tickets at his son’s convenience store, and upon discovering that one of the five tickets was a golden ticket to a royal life, Jun-Chul had decided to keep it for himself instead.

Daughter Kathleen Chung was tasked with cashing the ticket at the prize center, but upon an investigation launched by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, it eventually transpired that the ticket had been purchased at her brother’s convenience store.

Despite the toll of alarm bells, the winnings were paid out to Kathleen Chung in anyway. Daniel Campbell had effectively been scammed out of a small fortune.

But, as the old saying goes, all’s well that ends well and when Campbell finally got his money back, he proceeded to split his winnings with 6 of his colleagues that were part of an office Lottery-pool.

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