$60 Million Lotto MAX Winner Knew All Along

By Ben Hamill - September 02 2019

$60 Million Lotto MAX Winner Knew All Along

There’s a lot to be said for remaining cool-headed to the point of winning CA$60 million and then waiting 10 months before cashing in, and all in the spirit of wanting to mull things over so as to ensure a responsible approach. The majority of Lottery jackpot winners cannot wait to head on down to their local Lottery office to claim (and spend!) their winnings.

But 55-year-old Bon Truong is the exception to the rule. The Vietnamese national and Edmonton citizen decided to instead of immediately claiming his winnings after the October 26 Lotto MAX draw, wait some 305 days before doing so. So much so that all of Alberta had started to grow concerned that whoever had won the massive potluck wasn’t at all aware that they had and that the winnings would eventually expire.

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He Told Only His Wife

Truong told no one besides his wife of the fact that he had won the massive jackpot prize and proceeded to store his winning ticket in a safe. He explains that it was important to him to consider all of the pros and cons of suddenly being in possession of such a considerable amount of money. Sudden big money often changes character and even inter-personal relationships and the cool-headed Edmonton winner wanted to avoid major disruptions at all cost.

His wife had supported his decision and also remained mum on the entire thing. According to Truong, the couple’s children will not be told of the money until they are much older. Truong explains that it is important to him that his children learn a sense of responsibility and the necessity of hard work in order to achieve success. He himself had to work hard to cut out a life for himself in America after the Vietnamese war and says that he wants his children to learn the same important lesson.

No Plans To Retire Yet

Truong had purchased his lucky winning ticket at the Pure Casino Yellowhead and says that he had become aware of the fact that he had won the massive jackpot prize money only a day after the October 26 draw.

Now that he’s made his way over to the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis office in St. Albert to claim his prize money, he is free to use his money however he chooses. The Edmonton resident says that he will first up settle the mortgage on his home, after which he will begin planning a holiday for his family.

Truong works as a landscaper and said that he has no immediate plans to retire.

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