Lotto MAX Jackpot Grows to CA$70 Million

By Ben Hamill - January 07 2020

lotto max

The new year has barely gotten off to a proper start, and already Lotto MAX is popping from its own seams. The January 3 draw saw the big CA$70 million jackpot remain untouched and unclaimed, which means that the next couple of weeks should see Canada become home to yet another super-big-win Lottery champion.

No jackpot winner generally means that the prize will continue to grow until such time was what the jackpot has been bagged by a lucky player. The max payout for Lotto MAX has been fixed at CA$70 million so as to comply with local Lottery laws. What this means is that a cool CA$70 million will be laying in wait until such time as what it has been bagged by a lucky Lottery enthusiast.

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This Is The Biggest One Yet

It must also be mentioned that never before in the history of any draw-based Canadian Lottery game has anyone been fortunate enough to nab prize money of quite this magnitude. Once claimed, the Lotto MAX jackpot prize money will hold the record for the most prize money ever awarded by a single Lotto game draw.

Not to mention even just beginning to try to dream up what to do with CA$70 million safely in the bank. The possibilities are endless and the type of freedom brought about by a win of this size isn’t to be found in all of life’s nooks and crannies. It will require some pretty nifty prediction superpowers to correctly guess each and every one of the upcoming draw numbers.

But Wait – There’s More

But the big CA$70 million jackpot wasn’t the only big money prize up for grabs on January 3. There were also a whopping 26 CA$1 million cash prizes just waiting to be claimed. Of the 26 in total, some 13 were won; the majority of which were shared by player pools.

The CA$1 million cash prizes are a regular and very popular weekly instalment. These make it possible for those players not lucky enough to bag the big main prize to win a significant sum of money to spend however they choose.

The lucky players and pools to have won the 13 CA$1 million prizes hail from all over the country, and players from all over Ontario, Quebec, The Prairies, Atlantic Canada and also British Columbia are now eligible to cash in on their big-time Lotto winnings. It may not be the full CA$70 million but there isn’t a player who won’t be happy about winning a million bucks!

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