WCLC Announces Bigger Better Lotto MAX

By Ben Hamill - May 21 2019

WCLC Excited About Launching A Revamped Lotto MAX

Lotto MAX players want more Lotto and more jackpots and the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) is about to give them what they have asked for. Lotto MAX, one of most popular Lottery games in Canada, is undergoing a major revamp and soon, players will be able to indulge in their favourite Lottery game not only once, but twice every week. In addition to this, it’s also been confirmed that two new prize categories will soon be on offer as part of the improved product.

The WCLC has said that the decision to revamp and expand Lotto MAX was a direct result of the operator having listened to the needs and requests of its players. A need for bigger and better jackpots is evidenced by the increase in ticket sales, said the WCLC.

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What About The Odds?

According to WCLC spokesperson Kevin van Egdom, players are particularly interested in the fact that there will now be an additional jackpot up for grabs this week. But exactly how does all of this affect the overall odds of winning? Is there even going to be a difference? And will this benefit the players in any significant way?

The simple answer to the last question is yes. Part of the changes is the fact that players will now be required to pick their winning numbers from the range between 1 and 50 instead of the former range of 1 to 49. Egdom said that this is going to affect the odds, if only marginally. Instead of enjoying odds of 1 in about 29 million, ticket holders will now enjoying odds of about 1 in 33 million. But, said Egdom, players have to keep in mind that an additional jackpot will be up for grabs every week. This, says statistics professor Yaozhong Hu (University of Alberta), does increase the number of chances to win.

Canadians Serious About Lotto

Egdom also said that when considering how many tickets are sold every week, it’s quite clear that many Canadians really enjoy the game. He also said that it was interesting to see how ticket sales would, without exception, begin to spike whenever the jackpot was bigger than usual.

And make no mistake, to Canadians, playing is serious business; properly planned and discussed even. Just ask Donna Moore and Danielle Letto. The pair has been part of a 15-person strong office Lottery pool for going on 10 years.  Moore and Letto have said that everyone in their pool realises that thanks to the new changes to Lotto MAX, the group will have to re-convene to weigh up the new odds and also to formulate a new strategy for the future.