Game-Changing Lottery Innovations

By Ben Hamill - December 23 2019

Lottery games have been popular for hundreds of years; Keno slips dating all the way back to Han Dynasty have been found in China and the importance of the lottery for civil works in Europe dates back to Augustus Caesar.

Today the games are played more than ever before, and technological innovations have a lot to do with that fact. Online lotteries have been possible for some time, but there are many other exciting developments that you might not be aware of yet. You can learn a little more, about just a few of them, below.

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Smartphone Scratch Cards

Revealing a Scratch Card’s symbols as part of a mobile casino game is not new, but being able to do the same thing for a real ticket as part of an actual lottery is. Now an Austrian-based company has developed an app, for both iOS and Android smartphones, which allows you to “scratch” virtual cards with a few swipes of your fingers over your touchscreen. As well as being ultra-convenient, the paperless gaming has the potential to make a very positive impact on the environment.

Gaming on Lottery Sites

In today’s fast-paced world, people’s attention spans are short and they’re constantly looking for new ways to be entertained. Online lottery sites are using casino, Poker and other games to hold the attention of their customers. Buying a few tickets and then indulging in some exciting games seems to make people more inclined to visit again and repeat both activities.

Random Number Generation Results

As well as more advanced systems for drawing physical numbers, ensuring fair results, Random Number Generation software is increasingly used in lotteries. Once again, this technology has been the gold standard in online casinos for many years. The software is almost impossible to corrupt or bypass, so you can trust the lotto numbers completely.

Scientific Games’ SCiQ

Scientific Games Corporation is responsible for many of the most innovative products in the online gambling arena that have been seen over the past few years. Their latest, SCiQ, is described as an “intelligent instant game ecosystem”.

With SCiQ, retailers are able to secure their products, control their inventory, merchandise their tickets effectively, and manage their accounts more easily. Their businesses are streamlined and more profitable, making it easier to provide good service to customers.

The thrill of buying lottery tickets and holding your breath to see if you’re a lucky winner is almost a part of human nature, and that hasn’t changed. New developments simply make it easier to deliver this action to players, and easier for them to enjoy it.

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