Lotto 6/49 Winners Aim To Stay Down To Earth

By Ben Hamill - January 04 2020

Big lottery wins are almost always life-changing events. As exciting as they are, they can also bring their fair share of challenges. Winners can have friends and relatives demand money, and can spend irresponsibly until their fortune is gone.

However, many lotto claimants use common sense and live simply while still taking advantage of their windfalls. In British Columbia Lotto 6/49 is especially popular, thanks to its high cap as well as its regular draws, and the province is home to some of the greatest examples of down-to-earth winners. To illustrate this point, some of these individuals are listed below.

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Surrey’s Vito Halasan

Halasan has lived in Canada since 2009, working hard to provide for his three children and four grandchildren. He enjoys being part of his Surrey community and working as a janitor, which is why he kept his job even after he came into CA$7 million from Lotto 6/49 in May 2019. The only real change in Halasan’s life was that he cut back on his working hours after his payout.

Nanaimo’s Victorious Pair

In Nanaimo, Teresa Winters Day and Jesse Logan bought a 6/49 ticket together and matched all six of the regular 21 August 2019 draw’s numbers. They bagged CA$5 million, but only claimed the money about a month later. This gave them plenty of time to think about how to spend their winnings.

Logan commented that he wanted to help his family, as well as fulfil his dream of owning a music recording studio. Winters Day did plan a shopping spree and a trip to Disneyland with her children, but didn’t plan on altering their lives or lifestyle too drastically.

Tumbler Ridge’s Vivienne Mills

In mid-April 2019, Mills claimed one of British Columbia’s largest-ever Lotto 6/49 payouts. The grandmother was notified of her CA$10 million win via email, and at first thought the message said she had won 10 cents.

When she saw the 6 zeros following the 10, she realised how massive her windfall really was! Although Mills expressed concern about how her prize might affect her friendships, she was also looking forward to buying a motor home so that her family would be able to travel more often.

Love That Money Can’t Buy

What all the lottery winners mentioned have in common, is the close connections with their families. In their own ways, they’re each using the Lotto 6/49 money to benefit the people they love most and to spend more time with them. As they would surely say, the connections within a close family are priceless.

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