Lottery Winner Seeks Boyfriend for $100k

By Ben Hamill - November 14 2018

Lottery Winner Seeks Boyfriend for $100k

A woman who in 2013 became the UK’s youngest-ever lottery winner at just 17 is now reportedly looking for a ‘loyal’ boyfriend. Nothing out of the ordinary there – except that she is also willing to pay him a $100,000 salary for the privilege.

A few years back, Jane Park made world headlines when she struck a £1 million ($1.8 million) EuroMillions prize. She quickly set about spending her fortune on sports cars, vacations and plastic surgery, but sadly, none of these items seem to have brought her joy.

After a long line of failed relationships, the 23-year-old millionaire is now launching her own website through which she will vet suitors to be her boyfriend. To sweeten the deal, an allowance of £60,000 ($107,000) a year has also been included.

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A Long String of Failed Romances

According to news outlets across the pond, this interview process is set to be filmed for a documentary series that will debut in 2019. An insider source has noted to the media that Park is an amazing woman with a lot to give, but has found herself alone since she won her lotto fortune.

The source says that Park is ‘willing to pay the right price’ for a loyal partner. The money on offer, reportedly, is a small price to pay. Her past exes include X-Factor finalist Sam Callaham and football sensation Jordan Piggott. She also dumped Mark Scales in 2016, calling him a ‘snake’ that had only used her to get to her bank balance.

Later in the year, she also issued her new boyfriend George O’Connor a strange list of rules ahead of the Ibiza holiday he was planning to take without her. The list included entries like an order to ‘avoid eye contact’ with all women during the six-day holiday with friends, and she also threatened to drug test him when he returned. She even had a shirt made for him, emblazoned with a photo of the couple and the slogan: “If you’re reading this… you’re too close to my boyfriend.”

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Winning Has ‘Ruined’ Parks’ Life

Last year, Park complained to the media that winning the lotto had ruined her life, noting that she was mulling taking legal action against the UK National Lottery for negligence. In her mind, the minimum winners’ age of 16 is far too young, and should be raised to 18 at least. She also believes that life was easier when she was earning $14 an hour as an administrative assistant and living with her mother.

Park says that many people envy her money and her lifestyle, but they don’t realize how much stress comes with them. Apart from her material belongings, she states, her life is empty. In the meantime, lotto operator Camelot says that the minimum age for winners is a matter for the British Parliament to decide, but has pledged to continue to offer Jane ongoing support if she decides that she is open to the prospect.

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