The Superstitions That Help Us Win The Lotto

By Ben Hamill - December 07 2019

You just gotta love superstitions. And especially the colourful, interesting and at times absolutely whacky ones perpetuated by Lottery players as their personal secrets to jackpot success. And its not only Lotto players who hold on to the interesting, the crazy, and the positively insane. Sports bettors and gamblers do it too, with each player and bettor propagating his or her own superstition as the actual magic that lures the big money all the way home.

We take a look at some of the age-old traditions and superstitions that have (mostly!) stood the test of time, having been practised for many years in the past and most of which will in all likelihood continue to survive well into the future.

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Cats And A Sense Of Direction

First up, the old passing of a Lottery ticket over the back fur of a black cat. Black cats are traditionally associated with either very good or very bad luck. But since they won’t be crossing the street at the time of the Lotto ticket ritual, its all good luck straight up in this case. What the cat-folk themselves make of all of this is anyone’s guess.

Many players attach much value to the general direction of things. As in right vs. left. A popular superstition is that of entering the store from whence a player plans to buy his or her lucky ticket by stepping into the shop with the left foot first. This is however not applicable when it comes to receiving one’s ticket from the ticket seller. During the handing over of the ticket, it’s traditionally preferred that the ticket seller hand over the ticket using his or her right hand.

In The Numbers

There are also those who are firm believers in what is commonly known as Numerology. Lotto lovers translate this into making use of a set of lucky numbers. Numbers ideal for a Lotto win may include everything from birthdays of family members to lucky numbers supposedly received in a dream.

There’s also the common practice of avoiding certain numbers regarded as being unlucky. Ironically enough, this is more often than not, not the number 13. In fact, many people; most notably probably the French; consider the number 13 to be of a wonderfully lucky variety. French players will often include the number 13 throughout when choosing their lucky numbers.

Whatever your own particular thing or habit, be sure to go ahead and rub the head of a bald man when playing. Or something to that effect anyway!

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