Lottery Myths

By Ben Hamill - June 05 2016

Playing the lottery isn’t for everyone. Some people are simply not comfortable playing games of chance while other people are aware that they’re susceptible to excessive gambling when they start betting on games, causing them to simply stay away.

Everyone should proceed with playing the lottery in the way that they feel most comfortable. But, you shouldn’t refrain from playing the lottery because you believe some of the lottery myths that circulate. You can always check these myths at a fact checking website, such as To make it easy, we are presenting some of the most commonly circulated myths and the actual facts so that you can make a more educated decision.

  1. Myth: Lottery purchases are mainly made by low-income people who see a lottery win as their chance to move up in the world. Therefore, the lottery preys on the hopes and aspirations of the poor.

Fact: Statistics demonstrate that lottery purchases are made by people from all income levels and from all walks of life. Some lottery players are even individuals who have won big jackpots in the past and want to try their luck again. In a recent Virginia study, researchers determined that over half of lottery players earn over $55,000/month.

Most of the studies that are cited as “proof” that lottery products ar heavily purchased in low-income neighborhoods are based on studies of purchases made in specific zip codes. These studies don’t take into account the fact that significant percentages of lottery purchases are made by people as they shop or travel to and from work — outside of their own zip code.

  1. Myth: The chance that you will be struck by lighting is better than your chance of winning a lottery jackpot.

Fact: Playing the lottery involves taking a chance on your luck. There is no skill involved in achieving a lottery win — it’s all the luck of the draw. Your chances of winning a lottery depend on the game that you’re playing, the number of tickets sold and the number of possible winning tickets. So based on those numbers, you have a 1 in XXXX chance of winning. Yet statisticians (and meteorologists) say that lighting doesn’t strike as often as the luck of winning a jackpot prize. That doesn’t mean that your chances are high — they aren’t. But it’s certainly not impossible to win a lottery, as evidenced by the thousands of people who do win every year.

One more thing — your chances of winning $50 million may be small, but there are hundreds of additional prizes — ranging from a few dollars to a few hundreds of thousands of dollars — which can make playing a lottery worthwhile.

  1. Myth: There’s no benefit to playing the lottery, other than your win.

Fact: Lottery profits benefit all residents of Canada through theirprovincial lottery corporation. A portion of all lottery revenues isreturned to the province’s charities and non-profits and benefits a widerange of programs including education, economic development,veterans, the environment, care of the elderly, tourism, health care andmore Without lotteries the residents of the provinces would have theirtaxes raised in order to pay for these programs. For every $1 spent onlottery products, approximately one third of the revenues go towardsthe beneficiaries that those lotteries support.

Other Lottery Information for Canadians

Luckily Canadians have a wide range of lottery options from which to choose. There are, of course, the lotteries associated with the provincial Lotteries and Gambling corporations which are Crown corporations that are government-sponsored sites. These corporations administer the gambling sites in their provinces including horse-racing tracks, land-based casino sites, First Nation casinos and the provincial and national lottery activities that operate within the province.

Many of these corporations offer online options that enable residents of the province to enjoy their online gaming from the comfort of their own home. Some gamers find this satisfactory but for others, the online aspect of their provincial corporation’s gambling authority leaves something to be desired. Many people would prefer to have more game options when they play Instant Win games while others are looking for better take-home percentages. The Canadian gambling corporations take a significant percentage of the profits as their house edge and knowledgeable gamers would like to level the playing field with better take-home amounts.

Online Casinos

The freemarket online casinos operate freely in Canada, offering gamers high quality casino entertainment with better options for game variety, gaming platforms, bonus add-ons and other lottery amenities.

Lottery players enjoy a wide variety of lottery games including sic bo, keno, bingo, casino war and multiple scratch card variations.

To play at a freemarket Canadian casino, players simply log into the casino of their choice and create a free account. Once they’ve established their account they can enjoy casino entertainment with big take-home prizes.

When asked, most of these players say that they appreciate the casino’s easy access which includes the option of playing even while they’re on vacation (the provincial online sites do not allow access to individuals who are not located within the physical boundaries of the province.

Most of all, the freemarket players are pleased with the online casinos’ significant casino bonuses which enable them to add extra payouts on to their regular game wins and even to the games’ bonus rounds.

Canadian players can’t be fooled any more. They are aware of the casino myths, including the myths that say that the provincial casinos are the desired site for Canadian players. Today, with the Internet creating a smaller world, it’s clear that there are multiple options for Canadian players who want a high quality casino experience.