Loto-Quebec’s Latest Report Reveals Player Preferences

By Ben Hamill - October 30 2019

Canadian operator Loto-Quebec has released its latest financial and revenue report. According to the first-half of 2019/2020 assessment, Quebec players are now more than ever before choosing to spend time and money on casino gaming entertainment. During the 3 months leading up to end of September, players spent some CA$283,680 more on casino games and offerings than what was the case during the same period the previous year.

Selected highlight-events thought to have been responsible for much of the surge was the Futuristik Festival as well as the various Vegas-style events hosted at local casino venues throughout the province. Gaming halls enjoyed a steep revenue increase because of the various new market offerings.

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VLT-Revamps Made A Difference

It’s assumed that the province-wide revamp of VLTs (Video Lottery Terminals) has helped boost the overall revenue figures by a record percentage. VLTs all over the country have been undergoing massive overhauls, and in many cases even complete replacements with newer technology. The overhaul has made the gaming machines to be all that more attractive to local gamers, which has in turn caused revenue to skyrocket.

Major growth was detected on the digital front too; no surprises there. The local regulated gaming market allows for online as well as mobile engagement with casino game offerings and the latest figures show that players are regularly enjoying the entertainment offered by the operator’s espacejeux.com platform; and so much so that they’ve during the fiscal period 2018-2019 poured some CA$105.4 million into online gaming alone.

Up And Down For Lotto Games

Lottery games, surprisingly so, experienced somewhat of a revenue rollercoaster ride. The six months leading up to the end of September saw Lottery games generate revenue income to the tune of CA$449,750. This marks a slight but definite drop when compared to the CA$467,003 that had been amassed during the same period a year before.

The operator has put the decline down to the slight slug experienced by Lotto 6/49 and Lotto MAX at the beginning of 2019. With that having been said, the Lotto market has no doubt pulled itself up by the boot-straps since then and main event prize money is right back up where it belongs. This means that when next year looking back on this year, there should be a proportionate rise in revenue generated by Lottery games.

All in all, it’s been a super successful period for Loto-Quebec and a definite indication that locals are enjoying everything that the operator has to offer.