Loto-Quebec’s Kiosks Receive Top Upgrade

By Ben Hamill - March 29 2019

Loto-Quebec new POS system

Loto-Quebec is determined to make 2019 a year of innovation and an overall pleasant experience for all of its customers. The operator previously said that it had identified a need for a prominent upgrade to all of the Point of Sale (POS) systems at its 13 kiosks across the province. Its customer base, said the Lottery service provider, is its greatest asset, and a need for a more streamlined system in order to make the experience of buying one’s Lottery ticket both hassle-free and enjoyable, had been identified. 2019, said the operator, would be the year in which that particular need would receive the attention and solution that it deserved.

The operator some months ago revealed that it was on the scout for reliable tech-solutions supplier up to the task of installing upgrades at all 13 of its kiosks across the province. Shortly after, a collaboration with Alice POS was announced, and players have now been invited to try out the new, and more intuitive, systems at the operator’s kiosks.

All 13 of Loto-Quebec’s kiosks have now been kitted out with the new technology.

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Full Connectivity And Transparency

Alice POS is in essence a cloud platform manager. All 13 kiosks are now connected and real-time updates and communication is possible. This not only ensures a more seamless experience for players due to a faster and more streamlined process, but it also allows Loto-Quebec to better monitor the network of systems. What’s more, the system reports directly to the various Non-Profit organisations served by the kiosks. This allows for more transparency and an overall healthier relationship between the operator and the various organisations.

Loto-Quebec’s head office is able to access the entire system of inter-linked Point of Sale contact points at the push of a button, relieving much of its administrative load and ensuring round the clock access to information.

A Perfect Fit

Steven Raymond, VP of sales at NEOPOS, the company that owns the Alice POS product, said that the secret to the system’s success is the fact that it is 100% network-orientated. Cross-channel communication is its main function, and this is exactly what makes it a tailored fit for Loto-Quebec.

NEOPOS has provided training to all of the operator’s employees across the province, and Loto-Quebec has said that was impressed by the provider’s commitment to after-sale service and professional education and training concerning its systems.

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