Local Kindersley Store A Lotto Hot-Spot

By Ben Hamill - December 16 2018

Local Kindersley Store A Lotto Hot-Spot

It’s a Lucky Number 6 for Midtown Foods and Confectionery, a convenient store in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Canada. Owned by Indo-Canadian Neil Patel, the store has just been the making of the sixth Lottery millionaire in as many years, with local resident Christopher Graham having walked off with the most recent one million big ones in his pocket.

An emotional Graham relates how winning the Lottery is very different to what he would have imagined. He explains that he did not expect to be quite as emotional about what had happened, and even though he had wished and hoped for the big win, he never actually expected that it would ever happen to him. He expected to experience a sensation of wanting to jump for joy, but it wasn’t like that at all. This is a sentiment often expressed by Lottery winners. Store-owner Neil Patel on the other hand, isn’t quite as surprised as Graham.

The making of yet another millionaire, says Patel, seems to be a regular occurrence down at Midtown Foods and Confectionery.

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Patel Also Lucky In A Way

The store has attracted the attention of the locals as well as of international travelers. Lately, people visit the store exclusively to try their hand at winning the Lottery. Patel says the he himself is not a Lotto player, and as such, has not been quite as lucky as his customers. He was however quick to add that one of the winners – he did not say who – after winning, returned to the store to offer a $200 tip as a gesture of goodwill and gratitude.

According to Patel, business has been good since the last big win. In a way then, luck has been on his side after all.

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Sensible Plans For His Winnings

But what does a man who has just bought a million-dollar Lottery ticket think about after the initial excitement has died down? Well, what to do with the money, of course! According to this particular winner, he has had a lot to consider since having received the good news.

First off, a man needs to clear his head, says Graham. And what better location for the clearing of heads than Hawaii? Upon his return from the island, once the bulk of the excitement is out of his system and his head clear, he plans to start his own business back in his hometown of Kindersley.

This is, after all, where it all started. And it’s home.