Lighthouse Keeper Lotto Winner Ready for Bright Future

By Ben Hamill - January 24 2020

Ivan D

Ivan Dubinsky, a lighthouse keeper who works near Port Hardy in British Columbia, has just claimed a $1 million nest egg in the nationwide Lotto 6/49. The draw is held every Wednesday and Saturday, after 7:30 pm Pacific Time, and offers a guaranteed $1 million prize.

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Dubinsky matched all 10 numbers drawn on the 29th of November 2019, but had to wait 2 months before he was able to claim his prize. Now that he has managed to do so, he has plans to use the money for a sensible but bright future.

Keepers’ Leave Hard to Come By

Dubinsky bought his ticket online, and he was also notified of his win electronically. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation sent an email to tell him the good news, and the lucky man said he couldn’t believe his eyes when he read it.

Online lottery purchases are the norm for Dubinsky and any other lighthouse keepers who are interested in playing, since buying tickets on the mainland requires applying for and then being granted leave. Since there are not many keepers available nowadays, getting leave can take some time.

This issue is also the reason Dubinsky had to wait 2 months before he could collect his cheque; that was how long it took for his leave to be approved so that he could travel to the British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s office in Vancouver.

Future Plans

Now that he finally has his payout, Dubinsky intends to live a more relaxing lifestyle and no longer work full time as a lighthouse keeper, which entailed looking after the building’s grounds and sending weather reports to marine vessels and aircraft.

As well as generously giving some of his winnings to his sisters and brothers, who he is close to, he says he will slowly begin his retirement process and is considering buying a home in the northern part of Vancouver Island. Known for its thriving arts community and pleasant climate, this area is considered ideal for retirees who are enjoying their golden years.

However, it does seem that once a lighthouse keeper, always a lighthouse keeper. Dubinsky doesn’t seem ready to completely give up his role, and told the British Columbia Lottery Corporation that he might still want to work as a relief or stand-in when other keepers need to take leave – whether to claim their own lotto windfalls or for any other reason.

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