KY’s Keeneland Races Coming to Equilottery

By Ben Hamill - February 12 2019

KY’s Keeneland Races Coming to Equilottery

The historical Keeneland racetrack and Equilottery Games, a popular live sports lotto title supplier, have inked a deal to feature races from the 2019 Keeneland Spring Meet as part and parcel of Kentucky’s upcoming Win Place Show trial run. The latter is the first daily US lotto game based on live horse racing results.

Under the agreement, Kentucky Lottery players in 45 official test regions throughout the state will be able to buy Win Place Show tickets based on Keeneland’s races each day of the meet. Ticket sales will be open from April 4-26, and the limited 90-day trial will test the market’s response to such an offering. The 45 aforementioned tests shops will be shares among the Louisville, Lexington, and Northern Kentucky markets.

According to Keeneland CEO and President Bill Thomason, his racetrack has supported this initiative over the years as Equilottery Games and its team has carried the concept through to reality.

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Both Companies Excited for Launch

Now, Thomason says, his organization is excited about the potential of the product to attract new fans to horse racing and create another revenue stream for an essential economy to KY. He added that Keeneland is proud to be supporting the Win Place Show trial run, and is hoping to see the title expand across the state and beyond in the coming years.

A patented lotto product allows punters to purchase tickets whose results are based on live races; Kentucky’s Win Place Show will be available at gambling terminals in select test stores to gauge the viability of the product among locals. Should the trial run produce the kind of positive response the Kentucky Lottery is looking for, a statewide roll-out is to be expected.

CEO of Equilottery Brad Cummings says that his team is thrilled to be counting Keeneland as one of its track partners for the launch. Being able to offer top tier content, he says, will make his company’s offering the best possible experience for its punters. This in turn will help it to generate new fan engagement in pro horse racing while adding new lotto players in Kentucky as well, he says.

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How to Buy Win Place Show Tickets

Commenting further, Cummings noted that his team loves the “natural synergies” that the new partnership has created for Commonwealth economic development as they expand the idea of “what it means to be Kentucky Proud”.

To play Win Place Show, players must buy a $2 Quick Pick ticket of their choice of three horses. This must be done at the same locations at which they normally purchase classic slips like Powerball. Winning tickets will match all three selected horses in a row, all three in any order, and any two exact equines. A demo mobile app is also available for Apple and iOS to allow players to watch the races from smartphones and tablets.