Kid Reassures New Lotto Millionaire Mom

By Ben Hamill - August 23 2019

Kid Reassures New Lotto Millionaire Mom

Children are often wise beyond their years. This certainly proved true for a couple from Saint-David-de-Falardeau. Pamela Fradette and Michael Lapointe recently cashed in on a superb CA$1 million Lottery jackpot prize, but not before the couple’s 4-year-old son had assured Fradette that everything was going to be “alright”.

Fradette could hardly believe her eyes when she recently discovered that her own chosen numbers matched those released by Lottery operator Loto-Quebec. Big winners are often left speechless; dumbstruck and shocked even; upon learning of a massive win and the youngster had in all likelihood picked up on his mother’s sudden change of mood. But the smart kid luckily had the sobriety of mind to offer to his mom the necessary assurance that it was actually very good news indeed.

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A Better Life Now Awaits

The couple have 3 kids and plan to spend the bulk of their winnings on carving out a better life for the family. Dad Michael Lapointe currently works as a forestry worker and said that he doesn’t have any immediate plans to quit his job. The plan appears to be to keep working in order to provide an even better life for his family.

The couple plan on getting married somewhere in the near future and said that the really important thing was to carve out a future for their children; including providing the best education that money can possibly buy.

At least now that they’ve won the stellar Lottery prize, their special dream is well within their reach. Something that may or may not have happened without the Lotto cash boost.

More Wins In BC

More good luck recently prevailed all over the country, including in British Columbia. A recent Lotto ticket purchased at Vancouver’s Your Local Convenience Store and Internet Café proved to be a lucky charm for a local couple. Upon having verified the ticket thanks to a mobile verification service offered by the BCLC, a player by the name of Stanislawski discovered that he and his partner had won a life-changing jackpot.

The couple wasted no time making plans for how they intended to spend their winnings. A dream-trip to Asia is in the pipeline, as is being able to take much better care of their family than what they were able to do before.

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