IGT Inks 7-Year Deals With Mississippi Lotto

By Ben Hamill - September 11 2019

IGT Inks 7-Year Deals With Mississippi Lotto

IGT has inked a new 7-year supply deal with the Mississippi Lottery Corporation. This is in addition to its existing similar-term contract. The latest deal involves the supply of mainly instant-win ticket systems, distribution channels and general infrastructure and points of sale hardware. IGT’s subsidiary IGT Global Solutions Corporation is the point of contact with the Lottery Corporation and will deliver to the corporation a range of new products and services on behalf of the parent company.

The existing 7-year deal will see IGT provide to the Lottery corp. Lottery terminals as well as a draw-based central operational system. The tech-provider will obviously also provide all of the support and tech-support necessary for ongoing smooth operations on the side of the corporation. Both deals provide for 3 extensions of 1 year at a time.

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IGT Does It All

The Mississippi Lottery is expected to sell its first ticket on December 1st, 2019. Its tickets will be sold from IGT’s Aurora platform and the sales model will tap into the expertise of its draw-based Retail Pro terminal so as to ensure that everything runs smoothly once the system is operational.

IGT will also be providing to the Lottery corp. a full-function advertising and brand-awareness service. It will be utilising its Retail Digital Media (RDM) display solutions for this purpose. IGT offers to its clients a complete and full-spectrum service. The system initiates and supports everything from installation and retail management to the actual controlled selling of tickets and instant-win entries. Verification tools are included in the package, as are all of the training tools necessary in in order to educate and equip retail outlet personnel.

IGT’s advertising platform is considered to be of the best in the global Lottery business and Mississippi state will be enjoying the best that IGT-promo has to offer.

Instant-Win Now Trending

IGT will make available to the corporation its instant-win supply chain solution package. Instant Advantage will facilitate the printing and verification of instant-win tickets. Instant-win games are more popular now than ever before and one of IGT’s most successful products to date. Many Lottery operators all over the world have started to incorporate instant-win Lottery tickets. Some players prefer the instant gratification instead of waiting on weekly or twice-weekly draw results.

IGT has been prevalent and operational in a strong support capacity since 1990 and has do date supported and supplied a total of 10 US Lottery operators with some of the best Lottery products and services in the business.

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