How the OLG Gives Back

By Ben Hamill - December 06 2019

We love to play the Lotto and we love to play games. But how often do we actually think about where all of the money ends up going? Obviously, a large chunk of the money generated by Lotto ticket sales and other games end up going back into the jackpot prize kitty for future draws, but what about the rest? Few people actually realise the scope of the contributions made by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation to local communities. Not only does the OLG create thousands of new jobs each year, but the corporation also ensures a constant stream of funding to be used for everything from the building and upkeep of hospitals to community centre support to the improvement of provincial road infrastructure.

At the end of the day, the OLG ends up ploughing a large portion of revenue back into the community. And that’s not to mention yet the hundreds of lives changed as a result of having won millions playing the OLG’s Lottery games.

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What The Numbers Say

But in order to genuinely appreciate the magnitude of what the OLG is doing, one has to consider the actual numbers. For example, consider the fact that during the period April 1st, 2016 and March 31st, 2017, the OLG created an impressive $4.1 billion in constant economic activity. Of this, some $2.2 billion was allocated towards the operation of hospitals and some other provincial endeavours. The balance was distributed among a slew of equally deserving causes, including safe gambling initiatives and programmes, local and provincial-level charities, supporting local amateur sports, etc.

$137.3 million of the generated revenue was during the mentioned period paid forward to First Nations in Ontario by way of the Gaming Revenue Sharing and Financial Agreement, whereas a super $136.4 million was distributed and divided among registered participating charities.

Giving Back Matters

It is clear from the above the sheer magnitude of the change and the potential of the change that is brought about by the crown corporation’s involvement with various projects and initiatives in the province. Many people receive much-needed aid thanks to the OLG’s involvement. The corporation furthermore upholds a strong culture of safe and responsible gaming and is committed toward creating games that are not only fun to play, but that also poses no harm. The responsible gaming initiatives spearheaded by the corporation are free to attend and there’s constantly help at hand for the benefit of anyone who may need it.

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