Lucky Group Wins $100k In Encore Draw

By Ben Hamill - August 24 2022

Colourful lottery balls

A group of enthusiastic lottery players recently won big following their purchase of an Encore ticket from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG). The group of eight, who hail from the Greater Toronto Area, purchased their ticket for only $1, which they discovered had turned into a cool $100,000.

Their prize was bagged from the popular Lotto Max draw of April 1 – a draw that also saw a lucky resident from Regina pocket a staggering $70 million in lottery jackpot prize money.

Happiness All Around

The lucky group includes winners from Thornhill, Toronto, and Richmond Hill. The winners matched the final six of the seven Encore Lottery numbers in the exact order of their appearance.

Each member of the group got to walk away with a hefty $12,500.00 in prize money.

In a news release issued by the OLG, a grinning Eric Cohen was pictured picking up the cheque for the group of lucky players. According to the OLG, the winning ticket was purchased at a gas station outlet located on Stouffville Road in Gormley, Ontario.

Encore is a great way to boost one’s chances of winning. An Encore Lottery ticket can be played together with most lottery games offered by the OLG. Encore draws occur daily, said the gaming corporation.

Funds To Change The World  

In other inspiring lottery news, when Marcel Lussier from Brossard, Montreal, discovered that he had won a life-changing $70 million in the Canadian Lotto, he immediately thought of how he might be able to help people in need.

Lussier, a retired engineer, decided that he wanted to use some of his winnings to help Ukrainians affected by the war. He also decided that the best way to use the funds would be to donate prefab homes with the help of an entrepreneur.

But Lussier also wants to lend a charitable hand closer to home. He stated that he meant to put some of his winnings to good use by building a center that will provide assistance to adults with autism. He plans on launching the special center in Quebec.

The philanthropist also has a romantic side to go with his huge heart. To this end, he said he would be taking his wife on a special cruise and added that he would also love to travel and see more of the world.

According to the Jackpot winner, the day of his big win had started out just like any other day. But once he discovered his massive windfall, he said his excitement knew no end.