Fresh Changes Coming to Lotto Max in 2019

By Ben Hamill - December 03 2018

2018 Delivers One Final Multimillion Lotto MAX Prize

Lotto Max has long been Canada’s biggest regulated lottery game, with many thousands of dedicated players eagerly awaiting its weekly draws. Due to this popularity, the game has been careful to move with the times, and will soon have its players dreaming even bigger as a result!

There are a few exciting changes set to come to Lotto Max in May of 2019. Reportedly, for the first time ever in the game’s history, its main jackpot will be able to snowball to a value of as much as $70 million – a sum that no Canadian jackpot has ever managed to hit before.

Starting from May 11, 2019, players will be able to enjoy draws every Tuesday as well, over and above the traditional draws that take place each Friday. The second new weekly draw means that players will also see the jackpots on offer growing twice as quickly as before, which can lead to some exceptionally big wins for those who play their numbers right.

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New Draw Sales Start on May 11

When Lotto Max first hit the market in 2009, a lottery that boasted multiple jackpots of up to $50 million each per year was a revolutionary concept in Canada. However, the 2015 change that increased this cap to $60 million really left punters’ mouths agape, allowing a few extremely fortunate locals to win prizes beyond their wildest dreams with just a ticket and the right set of digits to match.

The game’s most recent improvements have followed an extensive game-designing program that has included consultation with players from across the nation. Sales for the new draws start on Saturday, May 11, 2019, and the first subsequent draw is set to take place on Tuesday, May 14, 2019. The second draw will take place just a few days later on Friday, May 17.

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Improved $70m Jackpot Threshold

At a glance, these are some of the most notable updates that Canadians will be able to enjoy halfway through the new year. Firstly, the main jackpot on offer will be able to grow to up to $70 million, and there will still be plenty of another smaller wins to claim as well. There will also be no changes made to the cost of play, although there will now be two draws per week in place of the usual one.

$1 million Maxmillions jackpots will continue to be awarded once the main jackpot reaches or exceeds a value of $50 million, and there will also be two fresh new prize categories to enjoy: Match 5/7+bonus and Match 4/7+bonus. Winning numbers will be selected from a range of 1-50, and the odds of winning the top prize will stand at 1 in 33,294,800 for every $5 play.

Last but not least, the total odds of winning a Lotto Max prize will be 1 in 7 for a $5 play, coming as exciting news for anyone with a dream of becoming Canada’s next instant millionaire!