The ALC Wants You To Park For Free For A Day

By Ben Hamill - May 14 2019

ALC Launches Free Parking For A Day Promo

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation wants to make life easier, if just for a day. The ALC recently approached St. John’s Council, asking to rent 100 parking spaces for a day. But renting the space wasn’t all there was to it. The ALC also sought the permission from council to “brand” the spaces with ALC-branding, so that those enjoying the “free parking for the day” might know who their benefactors are.

Despite some concerns, council voted “yes”. And thanks to the ingenious idea on the part of the ALC, if you’re lucky enough, you may soon be one of the lucky ones fortunate enough to park for free. Because who here doesn’t need more free parking in their lives? And the city will benefit too as the ALC is willing to pay for the exclusive parking rights. The “free parking” is part of a promotional campaign currently being run by the corporation.

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Burton Isn’t Convinced

Councillor Maggie Burton isn’t jumping for joy, and she has more naysayers in her court too. According to Burton, it’s one thing to permit the sale of lottery tickets, but quite another to rub it in people’s faces per se, by creating the same unhealthy obsession with finding a free parking space as the obsession created by inspiring people to buy tickets in order to feed the obsession with winning a lot of money.

Burton pointed out the essence of problem gambling was the fact that some people played hoping to get together the money to pay for goods and services; services that include the likes of parking tickets. Burton asks an important question: how is what the ALC is doing any different to fanning the flames of problem gambling?

ALC – Its Nothing Sinister

Newfoundland and Labrador already has an insatiable appetite for gambling, topping the Atlantic Canada Lottery sales list. Burton said that the estimated annual figure spent on Lottery tickets, per person, comes to $769.

N & L’s closest competitor is New Brunswick, rocking it out at $421 per person. Burton said that the fact that the ALC, despite already making small fortunes on home turf, is trying to enlarge its territory by glamorising gambling, is a crying shame, and one that should not be encouraged by governments.

According to the ALC, the promotion is nowhere near the sinister picture painted by the councillor. The promotion, said the ALC, merely aims to create awareness about the changes made to the operator’s flagship game, namely Lotto Max.