Quebec Couple Latest Lottery Millionaires

By Ben Hamill - September 25 2019

Quebec Couple Latest Lottery Millionaires

Raymond Poulin and Francine Tremblay are Quebec’s newest Lottery millionaires. The lucky Estrie couple and the lives of their family were forever changed when on September 14, they were lucky enough to bag the guaranteed CA$1 million in prize money offered by Lotto 6/49.

They never once thought that the small investments made in Lottery tickets would eventually lead them to a million big ones, say the lucky winners. Raymond Poulin tells the story of his having been a regular Lotto 6/49 player for many years now. Even so, not unlike so many other recent Lotto 6/49 and Lotto MAX millionaires, he was surprised to the point of disbelief when his turn to win big finally came round.

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Quiet Evening Goes Bottoms Up

It was just another quiet evening at home, recalls Poulin. He had gotten into the habit of buying a single ticket before every draw and did so again ahead of the September 14 draw. Little did he know that this was to be the draw that was about to change the family’s entire outlook on life.

Just before getting into bed, it was announced that someone from his province had bagged the latest CA$1 million guaranteed prize. Poulin must have had a gut feeling that something big was about to go down because he recalls having immediately after having heard the announcement, decided to check his ticket just for in case.

And in fantastic case it was because it was at that moment that the Quebec resident discovered that his favourite Lottery game had at long last favoured him back!

They Could Not Believe It!

Upon approaching his partner after having discovered the win, she apparently in good humour asked whether he was about to announce that they had finally become Lotto millionaires. She soon discovered exactly how right on the money she had been when a very excited Poulin confirmed that the joke wasn’t a joke after all and that the couple had indeed just won a million Lotto big ones.

Neither of the two dared believe that they had really won and both proceeded to feverishly check the ticket against the winning numbers, and multiple times too! But their eyes were not deceiving them and neither was the system. The Quebec couple had indeed just bagged a lifechanging win.

A train trip across Canada and a possible trip to Italy are up next for the lucky couple. Here’s to many more years of 6/49 Lotto fun!

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