The Different Lottery Types Explained

By Ben Hamill - December 27 2019

Lotteries have been popular games for hundreds of years, so the fact that different varieties have developed is unsurprising. The market is full, but most games fall into 1 of 5 main categories outlined, below.

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The Common Lotto

The lotto is the most common, as well as the original, lottery type. Winning numbers are drawn from a physical barrel, by a machine or a blindfolded individual, or(increasingly often) they are generated using certified Random Number Generation software.

The Random Number Generation software ensures fair results, the same way auditors do when numbers are physically drawn. Usually the range of numbers that you can choose from goes from 1 to between 40 and 55. With larger ranges come higher odds, but also bigger rewards.

Daily Lotteries

The demand for lottery draws has proven so high that the common format, involving 2 games a week, is no longer enough. To cater to players wanting more action, so providers now offer products with several draws every day.

Interestingly, this format, which allows individuals to literally play the lotto all day actually requires more skill than other versions. Players generally have to choose 3 or 4 numbers, from wide ranged that start at 000 and go to 999 or start at 0000 and go to 9999 respectively.

Little Lottos

The key features of so-called “little lottos” is that they are smaller; their number ranges are not as wide, and the winning sequences are not as long. To balance the better odds that players get here, the payouts are not as generous as they are with common or daily lotteries.

A maximum of 5 numbers can usually be chosen, with just 3 or even 2 matching numbers securing a win. The reduced size of little lottos means that wins are frequent, making them a very exciting variety to play for beginners and seasoned aficionados alike.

Multistate Lotteries

With multistate lotteries, various states can join forces and combine their payouts making the prizes more attractive to players. Since the tickets can be bought across state lines, the target market is also effectively expanded so higher revenues are almost a certainty.

The most popular lotto games in the United States and European Union by far, multistate lotteries such as Mega Millions and Powerball offer life-changing payouts but the chances of winning them are very small.

Instant Wins

Instant-win Scratchcards are the fastest option for lottery players. Buy them at the kiosk of any lotto vendor, and scratch off the required fields to reveal the symbols and see whether you are a winner. The immediacy provides a serious adrenaline rush.

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