CGA Wins Motion To Intervene In ALC Appeal

By Ben Hamill - October 16 2019

Canadian Gaming Association

The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) is exceptionally pleased with the country’s Supreme Court’s decision that the association will be allowed to intervene in the matter between the Atlantic Lottery Corporation Inc. (ALC) and Babstock. The CGA represents the entire Canadian gaming industry and the outcome of this particular appeal, says president and CEO Paul Burns, will have significant repercussions for the local industry.

The intervention will be made in support of the ALC, being the appellants in the case. The appeal process was launched following a local ruling ordering the corporation to forfeit all income earned from its Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs). The respondent (Babstock) claimed during the initial court motion that the ALC showed intentional predatory behaviour by creating its VLTs in such a fashion that the machines purposefully created addiction.

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CGA Wants To Support Gaming

Burns also said that what was even more pleasing regarding the permission to intervene is that the CGA will now have the opportunity to represent and support the gaming industry. Burns said that the section of the Criminal Code dealing with VLTs and other gaming machines is in desperate need of being balanced out and that the opportunity to bring the required motivation and evidence before the Supreme Court is a rare opportunity to be grabbed with both hands.

CGA legal representatives will supposedly focus on motivating to the court why its critical that a proper reviewed regulatory framework be adopted with regards to the management and administration of VLTs in the country as at present, legislation appears to be severely lacking.

A Significant Opportunity

Legal firm McCarthy Tetrault LLP will represent the CGA. Partner Brandon Kain regards the opportunity to bring the CGA’s case and intervention before court as being a significant one. Kain said that the firm looked forward to craft the necessary arguments with the support of the esteemed expertise of the Canadian Gaming Association.

If the CGA were to succeed in its intervention, the association will have brought about a significant shift in the industry as a whole. The repercussions will be felt by all involved and the adopting of a revised legal policy framework by the country’s Supreme Court will mark a significant milestone having been reached, and one that will ultimately serve as a stepping-stone for more important and significantly beneficial changes throughout the industry, going forward.

The CGA also recently voiced its support of a call towards the legalisation of single-event sports betting in the country.