Lotto Max Pays Out CA$65 Million Jackpot

By Ben Hamill - June 19 2019

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Loto-Quebec players were recently prompted to turn their homes and immediate surroundings upside down in an effort to ensure that there were no invalidated Lotto Max tickets lying about. After all, the jackpot had been won by a Quebec ticket-holder and it could have been just about anybody. As it turns out, the lucky ticket holders were a family living in Montreal. If they too had been party to the big hunt it will have been worth it, because the winning ticket turned out to be worth a cool CA$65 million.

Its no surprise, when considering a win of this particular size, that Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49 have become two of the most popular Lottery games of all time in the province. And Giuseppa and Nunzio Lanteri will no doubt be players who will keep on playing after having bagged the life-changing win.

One Week Wait Before Claiming

The Lanteri’s had purchased their winning ticket just ahead of the draw at their local Ville Emard convenience store. Despite their telling the story of how they had immediately realised that they had won the jackpot, it took the family an entire week to come forward in order to claim their prize money.

The Lanteri’s have two children, namely Jane and Salvatore Lanteri, who will also benefit from their parents’ winnings. In addition to the couple’s immediate family, being their children, they have said that four extended family members will be benefiting from their cash windfall as well. And that’s not all. The convenience store where the winning ticket was sold will receive a grand prize totalling CA$650,000; a bit of news greatly welcomed by storeowner Martine Guerine.

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Lotto 6/49 Equally Impressive

In addition to the benefits reaped by the family in terms of future security, a family holiday is apparently also on the cards. But, interestingly enough, the Lotto Max windfall isn’t the family’s first stellar brush with Lottery winnings. In 2017 they won CA$1 million in the Ezra draw; money that was enjoyed by the four immediate members of the family.

But Lotto Max isn’t the only game making headlines in terms of large wins. Lotto 6/49 recently saw a grand prize of CA$30 million divided between two winning ticket holders. Not bad going in terms of winning, even when having to share your winning jackpot with someone else’s ticket.