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The last few months have been busy among Canadian lottery players, with lottery wins ranging from hundreds of dollars to tens of millions of dollars. A selection of some of the most exciting wins includes:


A $60 million powerball lottery was won in March by Maurice De Gennaro, a 68-year-old Toronto resident who came out as the big, single winner in the March 18th Lotto Max draw.

De Gennaro works as an engineer. He purchased the ticket at the St. Clair News and Lottery on St. Clair Avenue East in Toronto. He confirmed his ticket numbers on his phone on the Saturday after the draw. “I saw every single number match up and said out loud, ‘I’ve made a mistake. There is no way I won.'” De Gennaro double checked the numbers on his computer and then “…started shaking, broke out in a sweat and thought: ‘This is all too much.’ And that’s when I tucked the ticket under the carpet.”  Maurice waited until Easter dinner to announce the win to his relatives who thought that he was joking. ” I needed my nephew, Richard, to see for himself. He must have checked that ticket a thousand times.” De Gennaro’s $60 million win is the OLG lottery’s fourth such payout this year.

The win will allow De Gennaro to live out his dream of returning to France and traveling through Europe. “My dream is to pick up where I left off after a vacation in Europe two years ago suddenly ended when I broke my arm and leg. I was sightseeing in France and snapping photos when I tripped on some stairs,” he said. “Now, I can return to France, a country I love. Then it will be on to the rest of Europe, taking my time, seeing the sights and just coming and going as I please.”

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$60 million is a big win but it’s not the biggest Canadian win. That status goes to Zhe Wang of Mississauga Ontario who won the jackpot on a single Lotto 6/49 ticket that she bought at a Petro-Canada station on Artesian Drive in Mississauga in October 2015.


Not all of the recent Canadian winners collected their payouts through their local lotteries. There’s a growing trend among Canadian players to participate in lotteries in other locations around the world. TheLotter, a “global lottery” website, has almost 100,000 registered users in Canada. TheLotter acts as a conduit for competitors in one country to be able to play in another country.

In the recent U.S. Powerball lottery, “P” from Quebec won $1 million, making this individual the second foreigner in two months to win a prize the US Powerball though theLotter. P said ‘I woke up in Montreal this morning and I was looking and looking… And I said Jeez… I think I got the right numbers. But I wasn’t too sure and I called my son and said, “I looked at the numbers and I think we won! So… We did!” Statistics show that the majority of Canadian players are under the age of 50.

Lottery Pool

“We’re all going to keep working. We’ll be there on Monday” tweeted a spokesperson for a lottery pool that won a $60 million Lotto Max jackpot.

The drama started on the Saturday after the draw when the lottery pool’s leader, Dennis Cartier headed out to pick up his lunch. Cartier checked the numbers on the ticket and saw that he had a winner. He tried to say calm but he remembered to sign it immediately – a key to keeping winning tickets safe. “I wanted to stay calm, eat my burrito and check the numbers again online. Every single number matched up, so I went back to where I bought the ticket and that’s when it all became very real.” He didn’t say anything until Monday morning when he walked into his workplace, the Canadian Black Book in Markham, began to arrange the close at his station. That’s when he told the group “we won the largest jackpot in Lotto Max history.”

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“Dennis deserves an academy award for this one. He kept that incredible secret for days then as calm as calm could be, he surprised us with the news,” said one of the winning co-workers, Brad Rome.

The winning ticket was purchased in Brampton. Each winner will receive $5 million dollars. And the entire group of winnersl say that they intend to keep playing as a group to see if their luck holds for another round.


British Columbia

June Bergh of Kelowna was hoping for a Maxmillion prize of one million when she checked her ticket, which she had purchased at the Safeway in Kelowna on Highway 97 North. To her surprise she discovered that she had won the April 8th Lotto Max draw for a total of $50 million dollars.“When I first checked my ticket, initially I thought I won $50,000 and I asked my husband to take a look and double check it. He instantly became dazed when he realized we were holding a $50 million ticket,” Bergh said. “I didn’t believe it until I arrived at Kamloops and the Player Services Assistant congratulated me for winning $50 million.”

The Kelowna grandmother is booking a cruise with her husband of 54 years but most of her win will go towards her children and grandchildren. “This win is about them, not about us. It gives me great pleasure in helping others.”

Local Lotteries

The national Canadian lotteries, including the 6/49 and the Lotto Max, pay out the highest jackpots with top prizes ranging from millions to tens of millions of dollars. But players are happy to take home provincial lottery wins that add up as well. These last few weeks have been lucrative ones for gamers in Nova Scotia who have collected satisfying payouts in provincial lottery games.

In Nova Scotia alone, the last month has seen a Conne River man win $20,000 on a Bingo go Scratch ‘n Win Ticket, a woman from Rigolet take home $50,000 on a super crossword Scratch ‘n Win ticket, a couple from Port Aux Basque win $100,000 on a TAG game and  players in Grand Falls, New Waterford, Petit-Cap and other large and small locales walk away with rewarding payouts.

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