Calgary Man Wins $16.3m in January 2nd Draw

By Ben Hamill - February 13 2019

Calgary Punter Wins $16.3m in Lotto 6/49 Draw

A man from Calgary has seen his luck change overnight thanks to his winning a $16.3 million Lotto 6/49 jackpot. Most people in his position would immediately set about making some extravagant changes to their lives and their possessions, but this particular winner actually doesn’t want to change very much about his life at all.

Speaking to the Western Canada Lottery Corporation for a winner’s press release, Alfonso Buonomo says that he still has a lot to learn when it comes to managing that amount of money. Despite now being a multimillionaire, he wants to be smart about his jackpot, he says. He plans to do just that by learning how to properly invest it and let it grow over time.

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A Shopping Trip Turns Lucky

Buonomo find out that he had won the January 2 draw jackpot while checking his tickets at a local retailer in Calgary. He checked his slips at a Co-op gas bar over on Symons Valley Road, NW, and quickly discovered that Lady Luck had decided to shower him with fortune – a fortune worth $16 million, to be exact!

Speaking about the prize, Buonomo said that he actually thought that the jackpot amount was a barcode number when he first scanned his lucky ticket. Once he had discovered that it was actually a cash sum, he admits to being so shocked that for a while, he couldn’t move a muscle.

The Canadian punter was on his way to buy some groceries when he decided to stop in at the gas bar. He initially decided to head home after he had discovered his win, but eventually decided that he actually needed some time to think instead, so he turned around to complete his shopping mission.

Buonomo Plans on Being Smart

After putting much thought into how he plans to move forward, Buonomo now says that his top priority is paying off the mortgage on his home. He says that his brother in law has urged him not to buy a Lamborghini or anything else too flashy – but he would be just fine with a nice new motorbike and maybe a second car, too.

Buonomo purchased his winning ticket from the same gas bar in Calgary where he discovered that he had won big. And while he has no extravagant plans for his fortune just yet, future shopping trips and gas stops will undoubtedly be struck off his list of financial worries for the foreseeable future!