British Columbia SPCA Lottery

By Ben Hamill - May 07 2015

British Columbia SPCA Lottery

The lottery of Canada offers plenty of fun and excitement but the British Columbia Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) features a lottery event of its own with the British Columbia SPCA Lottery.

This annual lottery is one of the SPCA’s major fundraisers, offering participants from throughout Canada the opportunity to combine their lottery hopes and dreams with a chance to help the SPCA care for abandoned, neglected, sick and other animals until they can be placed in good adoptive homes.

The lottery features huge cash prizes which are distributed every day throughout the month of June. Each day another winner is chosen from the lottery entries and that winner walks away with the day’s prize. There’s also a huge $10,000 lottery prize for Father’s Day so all together, this means that there are 31 cash prizes totaling $100,000, waiting to be won throughout the course of the entire month.

British Columbia SPCA

The British Columbia SPCA Lottery has been operating for many years. Residents of Vancouver and throughout the entire province of British Columbia look forward to the SPCA’s yearly lottery for the opportunity to compete for lottery prizes while, simultaneously, they do their part to contribute towards the housing and care of the shelter’s animals. Some SPCA Canadian lottery winners donate part of their prize money back to the shelter while others become regular donors or sponsors. And, of course, many lottery participants and winners adopt a pet from the shelter, making them the double winners!

How to Play

I bought my ticket for the British Columbia SPCA Lottery online at the Medora website ( You can also buy your ticket by calling the toll free number 1-855-205-5998. Single tickets are $25 each but you can buy three for $60 and five for $90.

If you buy through the Medora site, select the number of tickets that you want to buy, either singly or in groups of three or five. Submit your name, address, city, province and postal code along with your email and phone number. All British Columbia residents and visitors are eligible to compete in the British Columbia SPCA lottery.

The Medora site offers secure credit or debit card payment with Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Right after I submitted my credit card data, I received a confirmation email that indicated that I had not only secured my tickets, but that I had was also one of the Early Birds. This makes me eligible for the $7,500 Early Bird prize. The deadline for the Early Bird entries is April 26th 2015 at midnight.

Tickets won’t be sold after Sunday May 17th 2015 (midnight) so lottery players who wish to optimize their chances should enter ASAP.

Tickets may only be sold or purchased in British Columbia and ticket purchasers must be 19 years of age or older


Every day throughout June a prize of at least $2,500 is distributed. Every Friday, the prizes go up to $5,000 and on Father’s Day, June 21st, there’s a $10,000 prize waiting for one lucky winner. Only lottery competitors who have bought their tickets prior to May 17th will be eligible to win these payouts.

Lottery Proceeds

Proceeds from the Lottery fund help to offset the cost of a wide range of services which the British Columbia SPCA provides for homeless, abused and neglected animals. These services include emergency medical care, sheltering, spaying/neutering services, advocacy efforts, adoption, foster care programs and more.

Lottery participants, SPCA donors, sponsors and other supporters are also encouraged to consider additional fundraising options which include participating in the annual SunRun, Tribute giving, shopping at the BCSPCA shop, raising funds at an event or at a wedding, donating through legacies and planned giving, buying virtual gifts, facilitating corporate donations and sponsorships, donating towards a medical emergency, joining the national cupcake day, walking in the annual Paws for a Cause Walk or participating in the Calendar contest.

Lottery Rules

The BC SPCA lottery is fairly simple but it’s a good idea to keep abreast of the rules.

The BC SPCA Lottery is licensed by the provincial gaming and lotteries commission which has licensed the lottery to sell 4243 single tickets for $25 each, 12,825 tickets in three-for-$60 packs and 25,550 tickets in the 5-for-$90 packs. This totals 42,618 lottery tickets in all. The BC SPCA has the right to transfer tickets from one package to another in the case of a sell-out of a ticket package — this will not affect the number of total tickets available.

Once a ticket number is assigned, the sale is final, subject to credit approval. Ticket sales cut-off is May 17, 2015 at midnight and the prizes will be drawn every day, starting on June 1, 2015, at the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch. The Early Bird ticket sales cut-off is April 26, 2015 at midnight and the Early Bird draw will take place on May 11th 2015. The Early Bird winner will be announced on May 11, 2015 and the winning ticket will be re-entered for the June 1st draw. Tickets continue to be re-entered after every draw for subsequent draws.

The total value of the prizes equals $100,000. Winners will be contacted by phone and must consent to release their names for purposes of public relations. Every day, between June 1st and 30th 2015, a list of the day’s winners will be announced on the SPCA website (

This lottery is a chance to play an entertaining lottery, look forward to the possibility of winning some real cash and, of course, helping some of British Columbia’s most vulnerable creatures.