Winnipeggers Strike It Big With BIG SPIN

By Ben Hamill - March 08 2022

Winnipeggers Strike It Big With BIG SPINWhen it comes to winning big the lottery can sometimes defy expectations. In this case a pair of Winnipeg residents went head to head with THE BIG SPIN lottery game, courtesy of the Western Canada Lottery Corporation. Though, it seems as if the ladies were up to the challenge, walking away with a combined $335,000. Sherri Carriere and Louise Schaworski certainly have a lot of spending to do in their future.

But isn’t THE BIG SPIN just a scratch card game? It is, and it isn’t. The Western Canada Lottery Corporation went above and beyond with this lottery game, offering Canadians not only the chance to win instant cash prizes, but also the chance to spin a literal big wheel. If a ticket is scratched there is a chance that a Spin Win or Big Spin will be revealed. A Spin Win is exactly what the first lady managed to get, and a Big Spin the second lady. The Big Spin grants $10,000 upfront, plus a spin.

Spinning The Big Wheel

But the interesting part about the system is that the pair had to physically travel to a Lotto Spot. The wheel needs to be spun manually and isn’t available online. It turns out, however, that spinning this BIG WHEEL offers a pretty big chance of walking away wealthy. Keeping in mind that the original ticket cost just $5, Louise stepped up first and gave the wheel a spin. She managed to grab an astonishing $200,000. The Western Canada Lottery Corporation reports that the lady had cried out that it was mystical to have won so much cash, just by taking a spin.

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Louise added that she has always dreamed of winning the lottery, explaining that she has even contemplated what she would do if luck ever visited. She concluded simply by saying that she is going to have as much fun as possible with the cash.

But lest it be forgotten, the second lady also had a spin.

Two Times A Winner

Sherri stepped up next, having already claimed her $10,000 in instant cash up front. Her spin added an additional $125,000 to the cash already in her pocket, which is certainly nothing to be sneezed at.

Sherri declared that she couldn’t believe she managed to get so lucky, admitting that she might even cry. But who wouldn’t cry with that sort of money instantly being added to their bank account? She continued by saying that her biggest priority is paying off a car loan, though will certainly still have plenty left over.

THE BIG SPIN scratch tickets are a fun innovation, and after these Winnipeggers managed to score big, chances are that many more Canadians will be taking a shot of their own.