Beauty Queen Gives Lotto Win to Charity

By Ben Hamill - July 27 2018

Normally, when a lucky lottery player hits a big jackpot, they immediately begin to fantasize about the luxury sports cars, cruises or homes they could purchase with their windfall. Not Rachel Lapierre, though. The 55-year-old winner who struck gold earlier back in 2013 is focused on doing good deeds for the people around her instead.

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The former beauty queen has found a wonderful purpose for her winnings: giving them away to charity and people in need. Lapierre’s win saw her bag a guaranteed $1,000 each week for the rest of her life, but instead of spending it on herself, the Canadian winner has since given all of her money away to support her own amazing charity initiative.

Lapierre was already deeply involved with charity when she landed the win. Nowadays, she uses her weekly windfalls to bring joy to others in her home city of Montreal, as well as poverty-stricken nations like India, Senegal and Haiti. Her charity routine includes providing clothing and warm meals to the homeless in Quebec, and operating Kolkata street clinics.

Rachel Lapierre caring for a child

More Selfless Deeds to Come

Commenting on her actions, Lapierre simply noted that ‘money is money’. When you are born, she said, you have nothing; likewise, when you die, you leave the world with nothing except for your memories and what you did with your life. She explained that she is trying to promote good deeds in any form, whether it be food, transport to a clinic, or even listening to someone who needs to talk.

The selfless Canadian also added that in her mind, happiness comes from the heart rather than from a cheque. While she did admit that it is nice to have a new car or a modern home, these things are not necessary for one to be truly happy.

Beauty Queen Gives Lotto Win to Charity

From Modelling to Helping Others

Weeks after her big lotto win, Rachel left her nursing career to pursue setting up her very own charity: Le Book Humanitaire. Back in the 80s, her life was very different, seeing her joining a Quebec modelling school and entering the Miss Quebec pageant as a result. She won the title back in 1982, and at age 21, started to tour Canada.

Although modelling and charity may seem worlds apart, Lapierre has spotted a few similarities between them. At age 20, she noted, she loved to help people, but was not necessarily set on that direction. However, she dedicated herself to learning as much as she could, realising that bringing pleasure to other people and doing good deeds made her happy.

The iconic lotto winner has gained massive support since establishing her charity too, with thousands of Canadians in clear support of her goal to use her winnings to make the world a better place. Now, the question remains: what would you do if you struck gold with a lucky lotto ticket…?