BCLC Issues Office Lottery Prize Pool Alert

By Ben Hamill - April 02 2019

bclc lottery pools

A lawsuit filed against a Lottery player from Surrey who had allegedly made off with a Lottery office pool’s $1 million windfall, has shed new light on the importance of properly administrated office pools. The BCLC, on its part, has responded to the growing unease among players who are now worried that the same ordeal may cross their own paths, by suggesting a number of safe-guards in order to prevent this from happening to more players.

The BCLC’s system, says the organisation, was designed to ensure that players aren’t scammed out of money that is rightfully theirs. Office Lottery pools are popular as it increases one’s chance of winning a piece of the prize pay for each draw, as opposed to more likely than not, not winning anything at all. Due to human nature often lending itself towards shenanigans, especially when money is involved, it’s important to realise that a proper system of control and organisation is necessary.

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Some Safeguard Tips

According to the details of the lawsuit filed against the man from Surrey, one Hung Sengsouvanh, Hung had made off with the full million, despite the fact that a total of five players had each contributed $5 towards the prize pool; agreeing to split the prize five ways in the event of a win. A pre-play agreement may have saved Haret Dagane, Elwood Prado, Ding Jiu Du and Tounkham Homsombath from having to get involved in what is expected to become a protracted litigation process due to no prior written agreement having been put into place.

Sadly, Hung’s case isn’t at all in isolated incident. According to the BCLC, the first step towards implementing a safeguard is the undersigning of a Group Play Agreement Form. The form may be downloaded from the BCLC’s website and provides space for every participant in which to fill out his or her name, address and the sum of money contributed towards the purchase of the ticket or tickets. Also, says the corporation, it’s a good idea to provide every player in the pool with a copy of the agreement.

Team Captain A Vital Appointment

The BCLC has also published a number of further guidelines in order to protect one’s winnings, in addition to the pre-agreement. Of these, says the corporation, appointing a team captain to take care of the nitty gritty details such as collecting the money with which to purchase the ticket, as well as collecting the prize money in the event of a win, is one of the most important issues of business that needs taking care of.

Says the BCLC, adding the team captain’s name onto each ticket, as well as inscribing the words “in trust” on the tickets, will alert the corporation to the fact that more than one player is involved. A further recommendation is that each player receives a copy of the ticket to enable the players to check the winning numbers for each draw in their own capacity.

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