BCLC Offers GameSense For Free To North America

By Ben Hamill - January 21 2020

BCLC Offers GameSense For Free To North America

Lining up a unified Lottery games community of partners with a shared commitment to player health. Such is the nature of the motivation behind the British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s decision to permit all members of the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) to licence and roll out its (the BCLC’s) GameSense program free of charge.

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GameSense at its very core is a program and initiative that seeks to build trust relationships with, educate and support players on the road to healthier gambling and an overall more balanced approach to gaming. Practically speaking, the initiative involves the installation of touch-screens that provide info on a variety of topics relating to sensible gambling. The stations furthermore offer players a wide array of resources aimed at informing and educating about a sensible and safe approach to gambling games.  The idea behind GameSense, said the BCLC when it first rolled out the initial GameSense Advisory stations at local B.C.-based casinos, is to ensure that gambling remains what it was intended to be: fun.

A Self-Sustained System

But GameSense has grown to be so much more than on-site advisors and electronic touch-screen terminals stationed at land-based casinos. Thanks to the BCLC’s unique efforts in terms of creating an unconventional and practical business model that literally sustains itself financially by means of branded assets stationed at Lottery retail outlets, casinos as well as enjoying a significant online presence, GameSense generates its own operational revenue.

Its this sustainable independence that now allows the corporation to launch free-of-charge initiative to outward-bound regions such as North America. Its no surprise that GameSense in 2015 drew the attention of the world and international recognition to boot when it was awarded the coveted Social Responsibility Award by the US National Council on Problem Gambling.

All About The Greater Good

Working together in close co-operation with industry partners in various North American regions is what enables the BCLC to not only impart knowledge but also to gain knowledge. The BCLC values this type of input because it enables the organisation to offer the best possible quality of service to players all over the region and to create a strong and healthy approach to responsible gambling, as well as promoting the greater good in the industry in general. This is according to BCLC Vice President of Lottery Gaming, Kevin Gass.

GameSense is available across MGM’s entire suite of gaming facilities operated by MGM Resorts International.

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