BCLC Approves of Casinos Anti-Money Laundering Efforts

By Ben Hamill - April 30 2019

BCLC CEO Commends British Columbia’s Casinos

Failed police investigations, allegations of negligence, accusations of enablement and the publication of condemning documentation; such is the nature of the sordid timeline that has spanned the past number of months in terms of British Columbia’s efforts to eradicate money laundering from its midst. The local housing market, the automobile sector; even the horseracing business; it appears that nothing good is able to come out of BC these days. Every market, political action and place of business appears to be tainted by stories of monetary corruption.

But, says the CEO of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, casinos are doing what they can to make the problem go away. Whether Jim Lightbody is living his life in side-blinds, or whether a major shift has taken place very recently, isn’t yet clear. But one thing is for sure: not many people are buying Mr. Lightbody’s story.

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CEO: Casinos Are Stepping It Up

The gaming and entertainment business is big in BC; in fact, it’s bigger than big. In order to protect the integrity of the market; a market relied on by many for their very livelihoods; it is necessary to take proper stock of the situation and make some tough decisions. According to Jim Lightbody, casinos have started to realise the severity of the situation and are eager to clear their names and reputations of all allegations of wrongdoing and/or involvement.

Lightbody recently addressed the Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association’s AGM and made good use of the congregated affair to congratulate BC’s casinos on their relentless and renewed efforts to tackle the issues associated with the washing of dirty money in the province.  He also went on to claim that many of the recommendations made in Peter German’s initial dooming report on money laundering in BC were already being implemented by local casino operators in the province.

Calling It By Name

Whilst Lightfoot’s positive outlook is commendable, there remains a lot to be done to rid the region of the pest of corruption that seems to have taken a hold on all and sundry. German’s 2nd report does not mince words and certainly does not seek to protect the one who is able to pay for said protection. The report has not yet been released in its entirety, but the general theme is one of not nearly enough being done in order to purge the market of its dirty little secrets, as well as some straight up naming and shaming.

Seeing that provincial government is in there somewhere too, something might just be done about it after all.

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