Newfoundland And Labrador Love The Lottery

By Ben Hamill - April 12 2019

Top Lottery Playing Provinces Named by ALC

The Atlantic Lottery Corp. has revealed that residents of Newfoundland and Labrador appear to love playing the Lottery just a little bit more passionately than any other province in all of Atlantic Canada. In 2018 alone, they managed to work up a tally of $265 million in retail Lottery ticket sales. Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans appear to love games of chance and love to play everything from iBingo to Pick and Click to Lotto Max.

According to St. John’s resident Anthony Saunders, it’s about more than just winning. He loves playing the lottery, says Saunders, even though he has never won a big prize. He jokingly quipped that had he saved the money spent on Lottery tickets over the years, he would probably not even have to play the Lottery because it would in all likelihood amount to at least a million dollars. But would he ever stop playing? That’s a decided no from Saunders, and from many others just like him too.

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Lotto Max Wins The Popularity Prize

Lotto Max, says the Atlantic Lottery Corp., is by far its most popular draw. Launched 10 years ago in 2009, it has continued to progressively gain popularity. What’s more, it has been constantly evolving. The maximum jackpot has grown and as from May, there will be two draws every week instead of just one.

The ALC has also confirmed that as far as scratch games go, Set for Life is the most popular of all among residents of Newfoundland and Labrador. Players love the potential of winning a prize that will enable them to never have to worry about working ever again.

According to Kyla Simpson, who has worked for the store where Anthony Saunders and many others like him buy their weekly tickets for eight years now, says that games of chance are by far their most popular products. Simpson says that there are all kinds of players; those who have office Lottery prize pools and who frequent the store to purchase tickets to the tune of $300 dollars in one go, and others yet, who purchase a single ticket ever time they fill up with gas. These are the regular players, and the store’s most frequent type of customer.

But what happens when someone wins a big sum of cash? According to Simpson, they mostly just keep on playing. She recalls how someone who had won a six-figure cash prize a few years ago, to this day still visits the store regularly to buy tickets.

They Just Keep On Coming

According to Simpson, whenever there’s been a big win; anything more than $10,000; an influx of customers will follow, hoping to strike it lucky too. Will people ever stop buying tickets? Not a chance, says Simpson, not for as long as someone, somewhere, continues to win.