$CA70M Lotto Jackpot Won in Brampton

By Ben Hamill - January 12 2020

$CA70M Lotto Jackpot Won in Brampton

The news is out and its effectively crashed the OLG’s Lottery’s App as folks continue to feverishly check their tickets in their drones following the operator’s confirmation that the biggest Lotto MAX jackpot in the history of the game has been nabbed by a winning ticket in Brampton. It’s not yet clear whether the January 7 CA$70 million windfall was won by an individual or by a group of individuals (Lottery pool).

Lotto MAX could be seen trending on social media as well as news headlines around the country for weeks as the jackpot remained unclaimed and continued to grow. Then when it finally reached the CA$70 million maximum cap some weeks ago, the excitement soared all the way into the red as it remained unclaimed still, with nobody having managed to match all of the winning numbers.

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All 7 Numbers Matched

Lotto MAX is capped at CA$70 million and what with nobody having managed to win the massive sum of money for weeks on end, what happened next was that more and more additional big-money “consolation prizes” were made available during each draw. By the time someone did eventually manage to stake their claim to the biggest jackpot in the game’s history, some 25 CA$1 million cash prizes were flying about in Lotto-land.

The winning ticket holder who had purchased his or her ticket ahead of the January 7 draw had been spot on at guessing all of the winning numbers correctly. The winning numbers were: 3, 8, 12, 14, 17, 18 and 29.

Players Urged To Check

What’s more, a total of 7 tickets matching 6 of the 7 jackpot numbers were sold ahead of the draw too. Each of the 7 tickets falling short a single number of the big jackpot will pay out a whopping CA$197,679.90 once claimed successfully by the respective ticket-holders. And as for the impressive 25 CA$1 million consolation Maxmillions cash prizes made available for the date in question, the OLG has confirmed that 19 of the 25 tickets has been successfully nabbed by matching tickets. Of the 19 Maxmillions tickets proclaimed a successful match, a whopping 9 have managed to make their way to Quebec.

As for the CA$70 million jackpot, it remains to be seen who the lucky winner or winners will turn out to be. The OLG has urged everyone who had purchased tickets to the draw to check their numbers against the winning jackpot numbers.

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