Ontario Group Wins CA$1 Million Lotto 6/49 Prize

By Ben Hamill - November 19 2019

Ontario has become known as the land of big Lotto wins. No surprises there either given the fact that Canadians have been literally pocketing millions each week playing popular Lottery games Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49. The latter, especially, has been making big-news headlines and a group of 6 pool-players recently had the privilege of receiving the superb news that they are in fact the latest winners of a cool CA$1 million in prize money.

September 25 was the luckiest of draw dates for the 6, all of who hail from various regions in Ontario. Four of the lucky players live in Tavistock, one other hails from New Hamburg, and the last of the lucky six-pack is a resident of Mount Albert.

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Supporting a Local Retailer

The six, after their having come forward to claim their prize money, revealed via appointed group spokesman William Ferguson that they had purchased their winning ticket from the local Tavistock Gas and Variety store. The retail location has obviously also now achieved instant fame because of the winning ticket having been sold from its cove. Not to mention the fact that the shop will receive the usual 1% win-allocation for having sold the golden ticket.

As to what the lucky six plan on spending their newfound winnings on, this is a matter of a wide variety of planned activities and projects. Some of the players have long-outstanding home improvements up their sleeves, whilst others are more interested in settling debt and living financially free. The members of the group now share a new camaraderie that is only to be found in being a collective party to such an awesome event as winning the Lotto.

CA$1 Million Yet To Be Claimed

But more than one CA$1 million prize ticket have been sold in Ontario over the course of recent weeks. A very lucky winner who had purchased a ticket in Guelph is also eligible to claim his or her stake to Lotto prize money. All that is know for sure at this stage of the process is that the ticket was purchased in Guelph and that the winning numbers fell on draw-date November 13.

The identity of the lucky person is not yet known, as the winner hasn’t yet stepped forward to claim his or her prize money. The lucky person now has a total of 52 weeks running from November 13 during which to successfully claim the money. If the money were to remain unclaimed, the cash will either be gifted to local charities, or returned to the kitty for future prize pots.

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