$21 Million Jackpot Won By Ontario Resident

By Ben Hamill - March 02 2022

21 Million Jackpot Won By Ontario ResidentSometimes the lottery wins handed out in Ontario defy belief. Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) recently declared that a local will have a staggering CA$21 million injected straight into their bank account. The cash comes courtesy of Lotto 6/49, and it isn’t the first time that a jackpot amount has exceeded the CA$20 million mark. The winner is known to reside in Kawartha Lakes and has 52 weeks to come forward and claim the cash.

It isn’t known exactly who the winner is yet, since they have not come forward to accept the massive jackpot amount. Though, this isn’t unusual. It generally takes a while for a new multi-millionaire to come forward, given that accepting such an amount is well and truly life changing. There is also the possibility that the winner doesn’t know they’ve won, but probably will sooner or later. Either way, it’s best that Kawartha Lake residents start rechecking their tickets, just to be safe.

More About The Lottery

Most Ontario residents already know Lotto 6/49. The popular game is amongst the most popular in Canada, with draws being held on a bi-weekly basis. One draw occurs on Wednesday, and the other on Saturday. Over CA$100 million is awarded by the lottery on an annual basis, which is certainly a good reason for the draw’s massive popularity.

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Though, not all the payouts range in the multi-millions. The guaranteed CA$1 million prizes are also up for grabs, and although not as life changing are still certainly nothing to be taken lightly. Either way, there are few Ontario residents that aren’t keen to get in on the action. Even if it does sometimes take them a while to realise that they’re winners.

Other Lotto 6/49 Winners

Given that so many tickets are sold, it isn’t uncommon for players to simply not realize that they’ve struck it big. The OLG officially declared that several winning tickets are yet to be claimed, including a banger that is valued at CA$1 million. This prize dates all the way back to April 2021, seeming to make it clear that the winner is unaware. A smaller prize valued at CA$57,065.30 is also still outstanding and will officially expire in May 2022.

Peter Stefanovic is a winner that certainly knew about his big win. The 60-year-old retiree grabbed a massive CA$2 Million Extreme. The retiree explained that he had first been pleased about a small CA$40 win, only to use the cash to buy another ticket. It was the second that landed up making him a multi-millionaire.