$16 Million Lotto Winner Drawn

By Ben Hamill - January 08 2019

Sometimes we need a reminder of just what is at stake when we buy lottery tickets – and a massive jackpot is often just the ticket! Most recently, one extraordinarily lucky player over in Calgary managed to score a jackpot worth many millions of dollars to ring in the new year.

A single winning stub matched all the numbers revealed in last Wednesday’s Lotto 6/49 draw, meaning that one very fortunate Canadian will become an instant millionaire very soon. What better way to see in a new year than by forever changing your life thanks to an affordable lotto ticket?

Once the winner of the $16,319,280 jackpot steps forward, it will be a matter of minutes before that sum makes its way into their bank account. The ticket in question needs to be validated by local officials first, and if it does indeed have all of the correct digits printed on it, then the mystery punter from Calgary will definitely be in for the surprise of a lifetime.

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Remember to Check Your Numbers

Players are now being urged to check their Lotto 6/49 stubs for the right combination of numbers: namely, 13, 18, 19, 36, 37, and 43. This is an interesting combo from a statistical point of view, as it contains a few sets of consecutive numbers, but this is definitely not the first instance of this happening in a Canadian game.

It has so far been revealed that the lucky $16m winner purchased their ticket in Calgary, and is presumably a resident of the large city. Now that the draw is complete, the jackpot has an expiry date of January 2, 2020 attached to it. Should the punter not step forward to claim their prize by that date, then the sum will be deemed lottery revenue and will be donated towards charitable and social projects in the area.

A Lucky Year for Alberta Punters

2018 seems to have been a particularly fortuitous year for Alberta lotto enthusiasts, too. On October 26, one local managed to hit the Lotto MAX grand jackpot at the time for a jaw-dropping $60 million! This winning ticket was bought in Edmonton, but to date, nobody has come forward to claim the incredible windfall that they rightfully own.

Considering this, it is vital to remember to check your tickets to ensure that you aren’t sitting on a secret pile of riches! In Canada, you can check your numbers online at the official website of your local gambling supplier, or using verified mobile apps like that of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. You can also check at any accredited retailer, either by using self-service checkouts or by asking a clerk to do it for you.

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