WCLC Announces CA$15 Million Lotto Max Winner

By Ben Hamill - September 08 2021

WCLC Announces CA$15 Million Lotto Max Winner

The Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) has announced another lucky winner, this time in regard to the legendary Lotto Max. The March 26th draw came up with the name Andrew Weninger, who, for some time, did not even know that he had struck it lucky. But, after an excited call from his mother late one night, Weninger realised that he had been holding the winning ticket all along. The amount that will be added to his bank account in at a staggering CA$15 million.

Most Canadians already know that Lotto Max has 2 separate draws a week, 1 on Tuesday and the other Friday. The jackpot amount continues to grow on a weekly basis and has been known to reach amounts as high as CA$70 million. The Maxmillion prize, on the other hand, is a standard CA$1 million. Regardless of which prize lucky players get it, is always substantial, but, of course, most hope it will be the jackpot. Assuming that Lady Luck happens to finally come calling.

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Still In Disbelief

After arriving at the WCLC offices Weninger explained to officials that he was still in disbelief. He recalled that after his mother had called him with the news, waking him up from a deep sleep, he had simply not believed the win could possibly be true. But, he continued, after his mother insisted that she had checked his ticket he decided to look for himself, only to confirm that he was indeed the CA15 million winner.

WCLC officials asked the lucky winner what he intends to do with the cash, to which he responded that he plans on investing a large portion of it. With what remains, he added, he plans on first buying a car, then taking a trip around the world, starting with London.

No doubt with an amount like CA$15 million Weninger will still have plenty left over.

Rollover Amount

As far as more recent draws are concerned, the latest Lotto Max draw has gone unclaimed. The amount set to be handed out was a mindboggling CA$20 million, but no tickets had come up with the correct numbers.

As is standard with Lotto Max, if a jackpot goes unclaimed it means that the sum gets carried over, making the next draw particularly large. In this case the new jackpot will be an even more impressive CA$25 million.

As always, Canadians will now be especially keen to get their hands on a ticket of their own.