Young Couples Embrace The Downsizing Trend

By Ben Hamill - August 12, 2019
Young Couples Embrace The Downsizing Trend

It’s a now widely accepted truth that we could all do with a smidgen more sunlight. Getting up and going outside; and even more so spending time outside; has become somewhat of a luxury. This is especially true when the burden of a roomy living space is in the way-of-life mix. Regarded as a luxury by some, more young Canadians than ever before are opting out on space and in on down-sizing in an effort to circumnavigate the displeasure of having to spend most weekends cleaning, tidying up and maintaining a large garden and yard.

Downsizing may be nothing new, at least not among older people, but it’s a new trend when referring to younger members of society. People in their early 40s; and even younger still; are deciding to take the plunge and get rid of all the “space and stuff”.

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Space Gets In The Way Of Living

Dion and Joanne Duggan used to live everyday life in 2,600 square feet of space. Space that had to be maintained and regularly cleaned, if only to accommodate more “stuff” requiring even more time spent maintaining and cleaning. But, say the Cranston couple, the question of exactly why they needed to keep on living life in a gigantic house the likes of which they had owned for the past 16 years, became ever more impossible to answer sensibly.

For Dion and Joanne, the decision was simple: it was time to downsize and start living a fuller life. They now have ample time to live life and do the things they never had time for thanks to their having had to tend to whatever needed attention at home; activities like hiking and kayaking are now back on the agenda and regularly enjoyed.

More Pleasure And More Money

Joanne, an accountant employed in the oil and gas industry, compares having had to constantly maintain their former home with a distinct feeling of “missing out on things”. She describes her and husband Dion’s former living arrangement as having been tied down by big-burden responsibilities. Having to spend time and money on at-home upkeep and mortgage payments translated to having no money left to save or to, to name but a single example, go on a trip.

Joanne and Dion are obviously both very pleased with their decision to downscale to a more modest (and much more manageable!) 1,203 square feet. Says Joanne; they now may actually be able to achieve their goal of no longer having to foot a mortgage bill by the time they reach 50.

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