Why Canadians Are Loving Working from Home

By Ben Hamill - May 16 2020

Why Canadians Are Loving Working from Home

A recent Angus-Reid survey carried out on behalf of employment firm ADP Canada indicates that nearly half of survey participants working from home are perfectly happy adopting working from home as a permanent new normal. And since nearly 5 million Canadians have been working from home since around mid-March, the survey outcome paints a fairly positive picture from the general national point of view.

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But the mostly positive response isn’t without an opposite pole of its own, and the flip side isn’t all that comforting at all. The 45% who had indicated that despite major savings on time and money community to and from the workplace, they would prefer returning to their previous daily routine of heading out to a physical place of work outside of their homes, cited mental health issues and surging stress levels as some of the taxing issues currently experienced.

New Normal Not Without Issues

As with pretty much everything else, the yes/no group each has its own set of diverse reasonings behind the sentiments expressed about working from home indefinitely – very few considerations are ever purely black and white, with current circumstances being no exception. According to a poll conducted by Qualtrics, at least two-thirds of American respondents indicated that they are fearful of returning to a physical workplace outside of their homes for fear of falling ill.

But fear of sickness and possibly even death are just the tip of the iceberg. Even those Canadians who had indicated a recently discovered preference for working from home had to problem identifying one or more concerns with the new normal. The single largest concern identified was keeping in touch with their fellow-workers and teams. A significant 57% of respondents named this as a clear-cut and even weighty concern.

A Multi-Faceted Thing

According to ADP Canada VP of marketing, Heather Haslam, folks have a rooted need to feel connected and supported as part of a collective. There appears to be room for improvement around clear communication from management’s side regarding outcome and productivity expectations. Communication and workflow, it seems, become even more crucial in a situation demanding physical separation.

There are obviously many other issues at play too, with just a single example of many others being issues related to closed schools. 16% of respondents indicated a struggle balancing caring for and home-educating children with keeping up maximum productivity whilst working from home. And since women are way more likely to be sole caregivers in a household, issues around children and caregiving appears to affect women in more cases than what appears to be true for men.

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