Why Caring About Your Looks Isn’t Being Vain

By Ben Hamill - October 08 2020

Why Caring About Your Looks Isn’t Being Vain

There exists a terrible misconception that if true beauty comes from within, then by some strange and twisted logic, it must also be true that spending too much time looking our outer best must be vain. This isn’t true and is actually the idea of self-love being confused with vanity.

What is true is that how we look to the outside world and how we perceive ourselves to look to the outside world can completely change how we feel about ourselves – and more importantly, how we feel inside. This is especially true during those times we’re not exactly feeling our old chirpy selves for whatever reason - be it illnesses such as cancer requiring treatments known to alter our physical appearances, or whatever else. In such instances, self-care becomes a self-esteem lifeline.

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These Guys Are Doing It Right

The good news is that there are people working hard to shift our misconceptions about self-care vs. vanity. One such company, Burt’s Bees, recently pooled resources with Look Good Feel Better, which is a charity offering free workshops on how to manage the impact of cancer and cancer treatments on our physical appearances. The idea is to ultimately help women living with cancer to look good and feel their old sparkly selves again.

The partnership between Burt’s Bees and Look Good Feel Better has come up with a number of useful ways in which to make small but significant changes to our outside appearances – changes significant enough to brighten any day, no matter how dark the challenges you happen to be facing.

Bold Makes Cheerful

Probably the easiest and quickest way to create that polished look is to apply a bit of colour to those lips. Not only does it instantly polish up the appearance, but it often takes no more than a bold colour to create a complete shift in mood from tired and challenged, to brave and gutsy.

Best of all, not only do lip glosses and colour balms add actual colour, but they also hydrate, nourish and protect.

Take Time In The Tub

Tub time is so  much more than simply drawing a bath, getting clean and getting out. Actually soaking in a bath drawn with care and to which has been added fragrances, candles, and even music, can turn the simple act of bathing into special “me-time”.

New Is Often Renewing

Experimenting with new things can be so much fun, and this is true when thinking personal care also. And even if whatever new thing you happen to be trying out for the very first time doesn’t really end up tickling your fancy, at least you will have experienced the joy of having ventured into unknown territory.

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