Britney Spears Expresses Appreciation For Canadians

By Ben Hamill - July 11 2020

Britney Spears Expresses Appreciation For Canadians

So hooked is Mississippi-born singer-superstar Britney Spears on Canadian art and music, that she’s been spending quality time at home swaying her body to the sound of Nelly Furtado and appreciating the art of local Ontario-based artist Jenna Paddey.

The singer/performer recently shared a video of herself “freestyling” to an energised improvisation of Furtado’s 2006 smash-hit “Say It Right” on Instagram. Nothing choreographed, wrote Spears in the caption to the video, and no routine. The song, or at least the version Spears had been jamming to in her living room home-video over the weekend, is a collab-production between Victoria-born Furtado and rapper/singer Timbaland.

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Spears Appreciating Music & Art

But Spears seems to have an appreciation not only for music but also for illustrative art. She earlier this week shared the work of Guelph illustrator Jenna Paddey to her social media account. Paddey, who works full time creating social media content for a Guelph bridal shop, sells her own illustrations as a second line of work.

The work shared to social media by Spears is Paddey’s “queen bee”, which was something she had made only for fun back in 2018. The painting depicts a bee alongside a jewel-encrusted crown, such as the variety typically worn by members of royal families. Spears captioned the shared image by informing her fans that those who call the singer “Queen B” should take note that Paddey’s painting made for a more accurate description of what a queen bee really looks like.

What had surprised her most about the singer’s social media share, said Paddey, was that the original painting was small and created “just for fun”. This made the singer’s share all the more amusing, said Paddey after she was informed that Spears had been sharing her work to her (the singer’s) Instagram account.

Paddey Grateful For Exposure

It’s all worked out pretty swell for Paddey, because ever since Spears’s sharing of her work, there’s been no shortage of internet traffic on the artist’s own Instagram account. Even though Paddey says she experienced the week in question as having been wild ride and 100% unexpected too, she’s nevertheless grateful for the new admirers the singer managed to turn her way by sharing her art in such a prominent way.

Even though Spears hasn’t been letting on all that much about her plans for the year in terms of her musical career, she’s been keeping a steady and prominent presence on social media. Her focus appears to be on keeping healthy and fit.

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