In Wander-land: Unusual Package Holidays

By Ben Hamill - April 10 2018

Chernobyl Holiday Package

Able to go either way, package tours and holidays are the Russian Roulette of vacationing. Some are remembered for all the right reasons, and others are best forgotten because life is simply not worth the upset.

The bottom line is that, while there are definite pros and cons to the popular travelling choice, they are what you make of them. Thankfully, some enterprising operators have put together package holidays of which travellers can make lifelong memories. Canadians have a wealth of exciting opportunities at their fingertips. The best of them offer experiences previously limited only to the most intrepid travellers.

Package Tour Pros and Cons

Whether one of the more interesting options, or the traditional pan-European pub-crawl, package, all-inclusive, and partially inclusive vacations have positives and negatives.

What’s to Like:

They require minimum effort on your part. In most cases, you simply need to contact the travel agent, make a booking, pay a deposit if required, settle the balance, and make the necessary foreign exchanges. In some cases, you may have to take the additional steps for applying for a visa and/or receiving the required vaccines.

Package tours are also a good option for travellers doing it on a budget, especially as many offer optional extras, such as special excursions. Families and groups of friends may also find it easier to choose this option, whether for ease of organisation or cost-effectiveness.

Voodoo Culture Tour

What Not to Like:

Depending on the nature of the tour – or, more correctly, how much you are willing to spend – you have no control over who else has taken the package. You could be stuck with the most dreadful people on earth for days, if not weeks.

The quality of fellow holidaymakers’ characters aside, this touring option often offers food, beverage, and accommodation options known more for affordability than quality. Other cons could include limited free time; being based an inconvenient distance from exciting touristy areas. If this all sounds too horrible to contemplate, or if travelling on your own steam is not feasible, there are plenty of exciting entertainment options you can enjoy at home.

Revolutionising the Package Tour

If the call of the wild is ringing in your ears, some of the unique package holidays available include biking, hiking, and boating around the famed Galapagos islands, climbing Mount Saramati in Burma, and a Virunga expedition that lets you encounter a world brought to Canadians’ and others’ attention by Diane Fosse, whose story was told in the feature film Gorillas in the Mist. A lionfish spearfishing holiday in Belize lets you relax, unwind, and help preserve local marine life. An overland package tour through the Yukon wilderness and the Rockies lets you keep the adventure close to home.

Genghis Khan warrior tour holidays

For the culturally-inclined, some unusual package holidays you can find include Greek archaeological trips, warrior training in the style of Genghis Khan in Mongolia, exploring the Dracula legend in Romania, experiencing Voodoo culture in Ghana, Benin, and Togo, and visiting Kiev and nuclear disaster site Chernobyl in the Ukraine.

These are just a few of the many different options available. A package holiday never needs to be boring again.

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